Joanna, Princess of England, also known as Princess Joanna, was the sister of King Richard I and King John.

Biography Edit

Whilst she was in Palestine with Richard in 1190, Princess Joanna was given a jewel by Saphadin as a gift, although she did not believe that she had done anything to warrant his attention. She considered the First Doctor and "Victor" to be strange people but arranged for new clothes for the latter.

Princess Joanna wished for peace and asked King Richard if peace with Saladin were possible, telling him that his heart called for England. She became aware of Victor's true identity as Vicki and was not appreciative of the deception, but nonetheless took her under her protection. She asked the Doctor to learn what plans Richard might have concerning her, as she no longer felt that she was privy to Richard's mind.

The Lord of Leicester later told her of Richard's plan to have her marry Saphadin. She angrily confronted her brother and refused to marry an infidel, invoking the name of the Pope, who would never approve of the match. Richard almost struck her but she did not cower.

Richard recognised that England could not fight Rome and, as such, the only way to succeed was to wage war with Saladin. (TV: The Crusade)

Physical appearance Edit

According to Richard, Joanna's beauty was renowned "wherever men of judgement and discernment are". (TV: The Crusade)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Historically, the real Joanna had the full title of Joan of England, Queen of Sicily.
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