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Jo Grant vs the Autons... Again?! was a commercial webcast released in 2020 to promote the Blu-ray release of season 8 of Doctor Who. It was written by Pete McTighe, who had been the writer for most of the other webcasts for The Collection.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In Jo and Cliff's home, they're accosted by Autons - but Jo saves the day.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Cliff returns to his and Jo's home with a plastic daffodil, and upon entering the kitchen, Jo tells Cliff that the twins, who have formed an electro hip-hop band, are going to be showing a demo over Zoom. Cliff tells Jo about the daffodil, and while he is more concerned about its impact on the planet, Jo knows the darker secret. Jo has a flashback to a previous attack by the Autons, and she races outside, Cliff following. On the road, they see a squad of Autons menacing fowards. Cliff asks if they're aliens, and Jo confirms. One Auton opens fire, and Jo and Cliff run.

As Jo stands outside, pleased with herself, Cliff tells her that UNIT put him on hold. She tells him not to worry, as she's sorted them out. Cliff looks and all of the incapacitated Autons, and he asks her how she did it. Clutching an iPhone, Jo tells him that she "jammed the Nestene radio signal with a concentrated blast of music on the exact same wavelength".

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