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Jo Grant Returns was a trailer for the blu-ray release of season 10 of Doctor Who.


Jo and Cliff Jones return to Llanfairfach to defeat more of the deadly giant maggots for the Doctor's sake.


At a place in Llanfairfach called Wholeweal, Cliff and Jo Jones arrives in Bessie. Cliff worries about the danger as the Doctor isn't there to fix it. Jo assures him that everything will be fine, as the Doctor didn't fix it last time either. She did. They step out of the car and grabs the Shrinking Fungus and the spraying containers and steps into a barn to find... giant maggots roaming around.

Later, Cliff is carrying a bucket of miniaturized maggots and Jo reminisces about how she enjoyed it. As Cliff's iPhone rings, Jo rambles on about water taps in the TARDIS and how the Third Doctor could never fix them, as Cliff interrupts to tell Mike Yates was in trouble in a place called Devil's End. Jo then happily says, "Here we go again".




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