Jixey was a nickname given by Starkey to a Jixen.

Biography Edit

In the year 50,000, Jixey was one of four surviving Jixen warriors. They leagued with the bounty hunter Ahab, who murdered the Zanthus Pia becauses he threatened to bring about galaxy-wide peace and ruin their revenge on the Merons. (TV: The Bounty Hunter) They fought K9 Mark I, the Korven's pet who witnessed the murder, until they were brought to 2050 via a Space-Time Manipulator. The Jixen tried to warn the nearby humans of a Korven invasion. Because of their threatening appearance and inability to speak English, the humans thought they were attacking. After the Jixen sprayed Starkey with tracking mucus, K9 came through the STM. He self-destructed to destroy the Jixen emissary. (TV: Regeneration) Jixey escaped, although he lost his associate, who was later killed by Starkey in Dauntless Prison. (TV: Liberation)

Jixey learned English by reading books. He hoped to warn humanity of the Korven. K9 and the team suspected a Jixen had survived after they were followed and discovered a sample of mucus which K9 confirmed as Jixen. (TV: The Last Precinct) Later, Thorne tricked K9 into swapping his regeneration circuit for his faulty old memory chip, turning him into a ticking time-bomb to be set off when he encountered Jixey. Jixey had made itself at home in the sewers, so Thorne had the CCPCs plant stun mines and gas bombs there. Should K9 go into the sewers to make the swap, he would find Jixey faster and prevent it from warning mankind of the forthcoming Korven invasion. Luckily K9 was disarmed and Jixey got his message across. (TV: Hound of the Korven)

Personality Edit

When he met Starkey in the sewers, he was bitter about the deaths of his comrades. He got angry when people contradicted his flawed English. (TV: Hound of the Korven)

Behind the scenes Edit

The K9 Official Page on Facebook has stated that after these events Jixey was taken care of by June's Alien Activity section.[1]

Footnotes Edit

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