One of four Jixen battled K9 Mark I in 2050.

The Korven turned the tide of the Jixen's war with the Merons by supplying the Merons with energy weapons which they then used to obliterate the Jixen homeworld and win the war. (TV: Hound of the Korven) In the year 50,000, this Jixen was one of four surviving Jixen warriors. They joined with the bounty hunter Ahab who murdered Zanthus Pia. (TV: The Bounty Hunter) They fought K9 Mark I, the Hound of the Korven who witnessed the murder, until they were brought to 2059 via a Space-Time Manipulator. The Jixen tried to warn the nearby humans of a Korven invasion. Unfortunately they couldn't speak English and due to their threatening appearance, the humans thought they were attacking. After they sprayed Starkey with tracking mucus, K9 came through the STM. His victory was difficult and he was forced to self-destruct to destroy the Jixen emissary. Two of the Jixen survived and escaped although they were separated. When Starkey was captured by the Department, this Jixen followed him to his holding cell and cornered him. A CCPC walked in and was punched by the Jixen, distracting him so Starkey could escape. (TV: Regeneration)

Some time later, the Jixen found the two Merons in the Dauntless Prison. When it encountered Starkey and the new K9, they put Starkey's jacket (which contained the hunting spray) in a cell and locked him in there. A Meron appeared and attacked them, but the Jixen scared it off with a scream. The Jixen was eventually able to break free and went after Starkey again. It was killed when Starkey attached the remote control for the Prison to the Jixen and set it to self-destruct. (TV: Liberation)

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