Jival Chowdry was Donna Noble's boss in the alternate timeline in which she never met the Doctor. He was known to Sylvia Noble, Donna's mum, who in June 2007 persuaded her daughter to go to him for a job as a secretary in his photocopy business in Merchant Street, London, instead of to H.C. Clements. Though Donna did quite well, being promoted six months later, the draining of the River Thames by the Tenth Doctor caused a downturn in his business. He sacked her in 2008, and when Donna was sacked she threatened to tell people about Chowdry's "wandering hands". This world ceased to exist when Donna of 2009 made her past self turn left for H.C. Clements.

The same exchange between Donna and Sylvia occurred in the main universe, only Donna decided to go for a job interview at H.C. Clements instead. (TV: Turn Left)

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