Jimmy Wicks was a 22nd century Earth miner who worked for the company of Morpeth Jetsan.

When the Eleventh Doctor tried to get humans and Gangers to meet, Jimmy was convinced of his Ganger's status as a living being when he told him of a memory he had of his son's birth. He offered to search for Jennifer Lucas, with the help of his Ganger, but they were interrupted when Cleaves killed the Ganger Buzzer. Following Jimmy, he prepared to face the Gangers in conflict, remarking on how insane it was to fight "themselves." (TV: The Rebel Flesh)

He later died after being hit by spitting acid trying to hold the lid down. In his dying breath, he told his ganger self to be a father to his son and to remember "her", before giving him a ring. (TV: The Almost People)

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