The Jezrafeq were a minuscule species that believed themselves to be superior to all other lifeforms. The High Regnum of the Jezrafeq claimed they were known across nine galaxies for their military strength. Their spaceships resembled Christmas ornaments.

In December 2016, after several decades of planning, the Jezrafeq launched an invasion of Earth. They broadcast a signal across the planet which - when heard with Christmas music - affected the human brain, leading to a loss of physical and mental control. Within a few hours, about 70% of the population of Earth had been affected. Erimem and Andy Hansen used the Habitat to copy the signal and broadcast it back to the Jezrafeq fleet. The pilots of the Jezrafeq fleet became unable to properly control their ships and the Jezrafeq crashed onto Earth; 20 miles from Ibrahim Hadmani's house. The Jezrafeq survived the crash, but had their spaceships taken away from them by Erimem. Erimem reasoned that since they didn't have any technology and they were the size of ants, the Jezrafeq were absolutely harmless. (PROSE: Cliff Richard Saves the World)

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