You may be looking for the real world Jeremy Hoad.

Jeremy, sometimes known as J, was Paul Magrs' long-time partner, and occasional companion of Iris Wildthyme.

History[edit | edit source]

Jeremy once travelled with Iris Wildthyme, who viewed him as her "glamourous young assistant". He helped Iris foil the 22nd century Dalek invasion, and he was with Iris in the Cyber-Tombs on Telos. (PROSE: The Scarlet Empress)

He later would meet Paul Magrs, and they would become long-time partners. (PROSE: The Magrs Conundrum!)

At one point, Jeremy would re-unite with Iris, and he and Paul would then travel with Iris and Panda. During their adventures, Jeremy and Panda became "thick as thieves".

In one of these adventures, Iris was contacted by her "Brenda Soobie" incarnation, and asked to deal with some Ninnies so Brenda could have a party. Jeremy and Panda attended Brenda's party while Paul and Iris dealt with the Ninnies. (PROSE: Party Fears Two)

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