Professor Jeremiah P. Kettlewell was a human scientist and member of the Scientific Reform Society. He specialised in robotics.

In November 1969, James Stevens interviewed him for the Daily Chronicle. Stevens believed that people thought that Kettlewell was a mad scientist because he looked just like one. However, he considered him to be "a fascinating speaker, once he got over his own nervousness". (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

He later created a robot called "Experimental Prototype Robot K1". He was affiliated with the National Institute for Advanced Scientific Research, but at some point he turned against conventional science and left the institute to work on a alternative energy facility. He allied himself with Hilda Winters in order to have K1 made more powerful. However, he later changed his mind and was killed by his creation. (TV: Robot)

Kettlewell did not file the patents for K1's CPU, which was modelled on human neural pathways, or the living metal from which the robot was constructed prior to his death. His direct descendants included a 27th century failed writer and historian named Ethan Kalwell and his daughter Elise. (AUDIO: The Relics of Jegg-Sau)

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