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Jenny was a freedom fighter during the Daleks' invasion and occupation of Earth. She was in charge of the job rota in the resistance group's underground railway station hideout. Her brother had been taken by the Daleks and she had not seen him since.

Jenny participated in the attack on the Daleks' spacecraft. Along with Dortmun and Barbara Wright, she returned to the hideout after the attack went wrong. They escaped across London to the Civic Transport Museum, another hideout, where Dortmun was killed. Jenny and Barbara set off again and found a house belonging to two women, a mother and daughter, who traded with the Daleks and, in exchange for more food, betrayed the pair to the invaders. Jenny and Barbara were stuck aboard the craft for some time until Ian Chesterton and the First Doctor released them. After the Daleks' defeat, Jenny opted to stay in London and help rebuild the city. (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • It was initially planned that Jenny would replace Susan Foreman as a companion. However, the idea was abandoned and Vicki Pallister was used instead.
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