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Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter

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Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter was an audio series produced by Big Finish Productions. It starred Georgia Tennant as Jenny.

Stories Edit

Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter Edit

Main article: Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter (audio anthology)
# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 Stolen Goods Matt Fitton Jenny, Noah, COLT-5000, Garundel 5 June 2018
1.2 Prisoner of the Ood John Dorney Jenny, Noah, Ood
1.3 Neon Reign Christian Brassington Jenny, Noah, COLT-5000
1.4 Zero Space Adrian Poynton Jenny, Noah, COLT-5000, Tenth Doctor

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Notes Edit

  • The new series was first announced on 1 November 2017.[1]

Footnotes Edit

  1. Jenny: the Doctor's Daughter is coming to Big Finish. Big Finish Productions (1 November 2017). Retrieved on 3 February, 2018.
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