Jennie Fava was a 2nd assistant director on Doctor Who on Series 3, 4 and the specials. She was also production manager for Time Crash.

She appeared onscreen in the episode The Lazarus Experiment as an uncredited extra (a guest hiding under the table when Lazurus attacks), (DCOM: The Lazarus Experiment) and has appeared on Doctor Who Confidential and in David Tennant's video diaries, some of which she also helped film.

In 2009, she directed a segment for the Doctor Who Advent Calendar (a video of Tennant singing and dancing with the Proclaimers). She has also written and directed several comedic short films starring the casts and crews of TV shows she's worked on, which were screened and given out as gifts at the wrap party for those shows. The cast and crew videos for Doctor Who and Blackpool (featuring David Tennant and David Morrissey) can be viewed on YouTube, along with a special video called "The Ballad of Russell and Julie", a comedy musical sketch in which David Tennant plays Russell T Davies, Catherine Tate plays Julie Gardner and John Barrowman plays the piano and sings.

She has worked with David Tennant on several productions, namely Blackpool, The Chatterly Affair, Hamlet, and This Is Jinsy (Tennant accepted a role on the latter on her recommendation).

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