Jenkins was a member of the Rulers of the Universe. He revelled in experiencing the culture shock of "primitives". In particular, he brought Spritz from Karaknid to the Party ship and left her to live in his VIP guestroom. He used to amuse himself with "primitives" and then send them back after erasing their memory. Very few other Rulers liked him.

Jenkins rigged the broadcast suite on the Party ship knowing that one of the most senior Rulers, Marcus Gifford, whom he had blackmailed, was scheduled to give an address from there next. But before this trap successfully killed Gifford, the latter murdered Jenkins with a phase pistol in his own guestroom. Gifford's body was found by Spritz, who showed it to River Song. Consequently River was assigned to investigate his murder. (AUDIO: I Went to a Marvellous Party)

Behind the scenes Edit

The first name of Jenkins is pronounced as Arkle, but its spelling is not confirmed by Big Finish Productions.

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