Jemma Churchill voiced Lady Forleon in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio story Creatures of Beauty, Safira Valtris in Breaking Bubbles, Praska in Signs and Wonders, Farla Janz/Inscape in The Genesis Chamber and Carmen Scheffler in The Crash of the UK-201. She has also worked on Blake's 7 The Liberator Chronicles for Big Finish.

She has an extensive resumé of work on British television, which stretches back to the mid-1980s. Her career began in earnest, however, in the 1990s with roles on Waiting for God, with Graham Crowden; EastEnders; Verity Lambert's Jonathan Creek with Stuart Milligan; The Bill, and Red Dwarf.

In the 21st century, she's worked on, to highlight just a few, Footballers' Wives; Steven Moffat's Jekyll; and Jean Marsh's Upstairs, Downstairs, directed by Euros Lyn.

Jemma also played herself in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

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