The Fifth Doctor once had a dream, where he was in his first incarnation back on Gallifrey with there being a Time Lord named Jelpax in the dream. Jelpax was at the Time Lord Academy with the Doctor and was a member of the group known as the Deca. He also had a fascination with the Dark Times while at the Academy.

Unlike many of the others in the group, Jelpax did not become a renegade Time Lord. Instead, he remained on Gallifrey and became one of the major recorders, keeping an eye on matters in four or five minor galaxies. It was his team that foresaw a future in which the Daleks conquered the universe and who helped prepare a plan of action in order to prevent this.

He later became a coordinator of the APC Net. He was a staunch supporter of Lord Cardinal, later Lord President Borusa, his former teacher. Borusa was only made aware of the many artefacts from the Dark Times, such as the Ring of Rassilon and the Black Scrolls of Rassilon from Jelpax. Realising his connection to Borusa's betrayal, Jelpax was removed from his posting and ended up on monitoring duty. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties)

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