Jeffrey "Jeff" Stone (COMIC: The Humanoids) was a mineralogist who hailed from New Paris, Venus. (COMIC: Invasion of the Daleks) The dark-haired — even slightly greying — elder brother (PROSE: Break-through!) of blondes Andy and Mary Stone, his life was forever altered by the Dalek invasion of his homeworld. He became one of the Skaran mutants' most noteworthy human opponents.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Venusian life[edit | edit source]

Little was known about Stone's life before the Dalek invasion of Venus. However, it was likely during his pre-Dalek life that he made a study of the Horrorkons, massive two-headed beasts native to the planet of Gurnian. (COMIC: Monsters of Gurnian)

Stone's involvement with the Daleks began when he was on holiday with his siblings in the Churchill Mountains. The Daleks attacked Venus and almost immediately captured him. (COMIC: Invasion of the Daleks)

Recognising that his skills as a mineralogist made him smarter than the average human slave, the Daleks forced him to work in a lab at a lead mine. Andy came to free him, but it was really Jeff's knowledge of the properties of lead azide which destroyed his local Dalek masters. The two then set out to find and free their sister. (PROSE: Red for Danger)

Following a lead, they went to one of Venus' oil wells. The two devised a plan to disrupt the Daleks' authority over the well, now turned into a kind of concentration camp. Their plan succeeded, and they freed all the humans at the camp, but Mary had by this time been moved to Dalek headquarters at New Paris. (COMIC: The Oil Well)

On the way to find her, Jeff noticed something odd about the height of the Churchill Mountains. He supposed that the Daleks had built a new base atop one of the peaks. The Stone brothers then made contact with Vel Karneen, who was likely the first person in any sort of organised armed force that Jeff encountered. Using one of Karneen's copterjets, the Stones ascended the mountain peak and snuck into the Dalek base. Inside, they found their sister and a lot of enslsaved Venusians. Using only a metal button from his clothing, he fried the internal electrical system of the Dalek base. This freed all the Venusians, and forced the Dalek fleet to flee their new headquarters. Jeff was able to radio Karneen for help which gave the humans the advantage. The Space Army fleet simply downed each Dalek ship as it emerged from the mountain hideaway. The entire Dalek fleet occupying Venus was destroyed. Thus, it could be fairly said that Jeff Stone freed his homeworld with a single button — and a little help from the Space Army. (PROSE: The Secret of the Mountain)

Further afield[edit | edit source]

Following Venus' liberation, Jeff became part of a human force that pressed the offensive against the would-be invaders of the Solar System. He had many adventures on various different worlds in service to the Space Army, and its successor, the Space Security Service.

Skaro[edit | edit source]

One of his first missions was a reconnaissance flight to Skaro itself. He may well have been the first human to gather detailed information about Dalek society, culture and technology. He brought back a full schematic of the typical Dalek, providing human scientists with valuable insights into Dalek weaknesses. He also discovered that Daleks had agents that looked exactly like humans. These "Dalek humanoids" posed a serious security problem for humans. (COMIC: City of the Daleks)

Mars[edit | edit source]

Later, on Mars, Jeff and his siblings encountered these "Dalek humanoids". They were part of a Dalek "advanced guard", preparing the way for a full-fledged Dalek invasion. The Stones uncovered the fact that they were humanoids just in time to destroy the Dalek invaders, who incorrectly believed that Mars had been secured by their humanoids. Unfortunately, the Stones were not able to stop the humanoids from destroying the spectroscanner that Andy had rigged to detect Dalekenium. This left the family open, Mary joked, to a massive replacement charge. (COMIC: The Humanoids)

Pluto[edit | edit source]

On Pluto, he discovered a way to use the sun's rays to blind, then disarm, the Daleks. (PROSE: Break-through!)

Earth[edit | edit source]

On Earth, Stone once witnessed the destruction a mole wrought on the Daleks' plans to create a metal landing pad in Kent for a larger invasion force. (PROSE: The Small Defender)

During one particular assault, he was elected Earth's Chief of Defences, and successfully mobilised all the Earth's nations against a Dalek incursion which all other human leaders had deemed a lost cause.

Unnamed planets[edit | edit source]

On one world, Stone once led an underwater exploration. He and his team unexpectedly found a thousand-year-old Dalesub at the bottom of an ocean. After repairing it, they took into battle with a Dalek group — and defeated them easily. (COMIC: The Super Sub)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Though many remember the Dalek annuals of the 1960s as the home of additional stories about Sara Kingdom, in fact the most-used character of the three volumes was Jeff Stone.

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