You may be looking for Jean Baisemore, a friend of Liz Shaw.

Jean Bazemore was an acquaintance of George Litefoot. She was an archaeologist, and got her education by pretending to be a man. She was petitioning the firm that was digging the Waterloo & City Line as it would be going through one of her digs. She was later attacked by Victoria station but managed to fight them off her. At her dig, in the place where an explosion had occurred, she found the same symbols as on the medallion that Litefoot had found. She realised that in the explosion she had set off had accidentally let an animal loose. Learning that Percival Quick had trapped the beast, she helped to kill it before taking him to where Jago and Litefoot were. (AUDIO: Jago & Son)

Behind the scenes Edit

Jean's name is almost identical to that of Jean Baisemore, who appeared in AUDIO: The Blue Tooth, also written by Nigel Fairs. Both characters are named after one of his favourite teachers in drama school. (BFX: Jago & Litefoot Series 11)

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