Jean was a tourist who visited Cuba in 2009. She and her husband Harry had previously been to Cornwall, Cambodia and the Sahara.

Jean and Harry visited Shadow Cay, which was really a disguised Sycorax spaceship occupied by a group of widows of the 2006 Sycorax invasion which hypnotised humanity into believing the "island" had been discovered by Columbus. Jean and Harry were trapped inside the Church of the Sycorax with several other tourists, where they were held captive. When the Haxan Craw discovered the humans had betrayed the men of her clan and murdered them, she killed Harry to make Jean feel the pain she felt. When Donna Noble and Norah freed the prisoners, Jean refused to leave and continued to cradle Harry. After the Tenth Doctor overloaded the ship, the Doctor found Jean and ran with her off the ship to get to the ferry. Jean saved the Doctor from being killed by the Haxan Craw by wrapping a Torkfish around the Haxan Craw's neck and pushing her into the sea. The Doctor saved Jean from being pulled into the sea with the Haxan Craw, telling Jean that he wanted her to live "a big beautiful life full of laughter and tears, joy and pain". The Doctor, Donna, Norah and Jean escaped to the ferry. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse)