Jay Harley was an assistant director on Doctor Who, and a writer for Big Finish Productions. They are one of the first nonbinary crew members to receive credit on a Doctor Who production.

As of 2019, their work for Big Finish includes the introduction of Derek Jacobi's Master to audio in The Good Master, as well as penultimate story of Aliens Among Us 2, entitled Zero Hour.

Long before writing for Big Finish, Harley served as an assistant director and 3rd assistant director on series 6 of Doctor Who.[1]

Outside of the Doctor Who universe, Harley currently works as a script coach, alongside Hayley McKenzie, at Script Angel.[2] They have also worked as a script editor on Casualty, presented and produced multiple BBC Radio 4 documentaries, and written and produced several sitcoms for BBC Radio Wales.[3]

Most notably, their second sitcom, Long Way From Home, was a Big Finish co-production for BBC Radio Wales, which Harley co-wrote with Scott Handcock, and produced themself. This comedy special starred Kai Owen and Alexandria Riley, among others.


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