Space Major Jay Bourne was a member of the Space Security Service stationed in Station 7.

She was one of the first SSS officers to find the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond after they had arrived on the Station and escaped from a transformed Hadleigh and a Slyther imprisoned there. When the Daleks attacked Station 7, she was ordered by Tranter to go with Amy, who was sent to secure the TARDIS. Realising the Daleks must have been feeding a static pulse to the area, however, Jay stopped Amy from going near the TARDIS and moved out of the section it was in. Soon afterwards, Jay and Amy saw that part of the Station (with the Doctor, Tranter and Jay's comrades in it) detaching and crashing to the planet below, realising too late that they would have been safe there.

Jay and Amy were captured by the Daleks. They learned the Doctor and the others had survived. Jay sent a signal to a converted Dalek to rescue Amy and her, not knowing that the conversion process was unsuccessful and part of the Daleks' charade. The Dalek arrived and helped them escape, taking a scoutship to the planet below. The Dalek helped them follow the others' tracks. This led them to Professor Weston's laboratory. The Dalek revealed its true intentions when they found a pacified Dalek with Weston. It tried to exterminate it unsuccessfully. Other Daleks soon followed. The pacified Dalek was seemingly placed into the shell of the "converted" Dalek to help them escape. Their route was blocked. Jay volunteered to open the necessary hatches from the laboratory with Tranter. Once there, she found the pacified Dalek in its container and realised Tranter had placed the original Dalek back in its casing. Tranter attacked her, but was stopped by the Doctor. Tranter was a Dalek-controlled agent. Now free, Tranter offered to deactivate the safety systems in the reactor so they could escape. Despite Jay's hope that he could manage to reach them, Tranter sacrificed his life so the reactor would explode.

As the reactor exploded, Jay escaped with the Doctor and Amy. They went their own way and left her to take Weston's research to Earth. Unbeknownst to her, the SSS officer she contacted was another Dalek agent who did not relay Jay's position to her superior, but to the Daleks. (COMIC: The Only Good Dalek)

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