Jaws of Orthrus was the eighth episode of K9. It was written by Lindsay James, directed by James Bogle and featured John Leeson as K9 Mark 2, Keegan Joyce as Starkey, Philippa Coulthard as Jorjie Turner, Daniel Webber as Darius Pike and Robert Moloney as Alistair Gryffen.

It featured the appearance of an evil duplicate of K9 that was made by Drake.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Inspector Drake is attacked by K9, or so it seems. June Turner and the Department have orders to capture K9 and detain him, but Starkey discover Drake has plans to capture K9 and have him dismantled. Whilst watching a video playback of the alleged attack, Jorjie wonders why Drake had a smug smile on his face and June investigates Project Orthrus.

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June speaks to protesters on the introduction of Department microchips. She insists they are for their own good. When they start throwing fruit, Drake orders the CCPCs to arrest the protesters. K9 arrives and opens fire on the Department banners and balloons, then shoots Drake. June wonders why K9 has done this. At Jorjie's house, she tells Jorjie of K9's attempt on Drake's life. They go to Gryffen's, where they show Starkey, Gryffen and K9 footage of him shooting Drake. K9 says that he has no memory of it. June tells him to hand himself over. Gryffen tells K9 to download his memory of the morning, but K9 says he erased an alarm. When erasing the alarm, half an hour on each side of the erase request was wiped.

Darius and Starkey argue over K9's innocence. K9 insists that he must turn himself in. Later, when Darius is cleaning Mariah, Jorjie is appalled he could accuse K9 of attacking Drake. Darius says he's just a machine and Jorjie asks if that's the same way he feels about Mariah. Jorjie talks to Starkey about K9 and speculates that K9 malfunctioned or another robot dog from the 50th century came through the STM. Starkey tells Jorjie about the time Drake threatened Starkey and K9 offered to "take him out." Jorjie voices her concerns about Starkey to Gryffen, concerned he may put himself in danger.

Darius is apprehended by CCPCs and sent to Drake. He says Darius isn't someone who picks the losing team and offers to join Darius. While watching a recording of the attack, Jorjie wonders why Drake smiled smugly. Starkey wonders if Darius is correct about K9 and talks to Gryffen about his concerns. At Jorjie's house, June tells Jorjie that she will make sure Drake deals with K9 "by the book." Jorjie tells June about Drake's smug smile during the attack. K9 is fitted with a device to find him if he goes "walkabout" during the night. K9 says he would like to know himself. Gryffen adds a trip wire alarm to K9's tail.

Later that night, K9 attacks Mariah. At Department HQ, June sees Drake's smug smile in the recording and finds his warrant for K9's arrest under Operation Orthrus. When she tries to look into the matter, she is denied access. Drake appears behind June and asks what she is doing. June asks why she hasn't been informed of Orthrus. Drake replies that Operation Orthrus is classified. She asks Drake why he smiled before he was shot, when everyone else ducked for cover.

At the mansion Darius goes to wash Mariah. He finds her a wreck, with the words, "K9 woz ere", on her window. As Darius furiously tells Starkey about K9, K9 destroys the device Gryffen put on his tail. When the team watches the recording, Starkey insists K9 has been framed to distract them. K9 insists that he must surrender himself. When CCPCs arrive at the door, Starkey tells K9 to prepare his photon cannon, but K9 refuses. When Drake and two CCPCs arrive to arrest K9, Jorjie demands to see the warrant. One of the CCPCs grabs her arm, but Darius puts a bucket on its head and Gryffen attaches his radio recording device to the other CCPC and plays back music. This disrupts the CCPC's circuitry and makes it start dancing.

As the kids leave, Drake stops Gryffen's control over the CCPC. As the CCPCs pursue K9 and the others, they are split up and Darius is alone with K9. K9 arms his photon cannon and fires at Darius, but misses. Darius runs to Starkey and Jorjie and tells them that K9 tried to kill him. They don't believe him, but K9 arrives and arms his cannon at Jorjie. Starkey stands in front of her to protect her. As K9 prepares to fire, he is shot by a second K9, the true K9. When the fake prepares to fire again, K9 disables it. Drake arrives to arrest K9 but is stopped by June who reveals that Project Orthrus is not approved by the Department.

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  • Drake gets a warrant to arrest K9 from the Public Safety Council, a rare example of apparent constitutional constraints on the power of the Department.
  • Starkey fiddles with a Rubik's cube in his room.

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  • When K9 asks, "Friend of yours?" after blasting Orthrus, the image is flipped (and the "K•9" logo on K9's flank is reversed).

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