Javarda was an uninhabited planet.

Based on a tip from a Bandril trader on Jovellia, (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past) Bernice Summerfield went to Javarda to conduct an archaeological dig. What she found were the fake ruins of a lost civilisation, planted there as a trap by Irving Braxiatel. A Braxiatel Protective Mechanoid captured Benny and put her into stasis. (WC: Dead and Buried)

Adrian Wall and Peter Summerfield came to Javarda after tracking a distress signal from Benny to the planet. After five days of searching, they found the BPM and released Benny from stasis. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past)

Braxiatel's work on Javarda later inspired Bernice to create a fake civilisation as part of a trap for the Deindum. (AUDIO: Escaping the Future)

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