Sister Jatt was a member of the Sisters of Plenitude. She lived on New Earth in the city of New New York in 5,000,000,023. She monitored the experiments on the humans in the secret Intensive Care Unit beneath the Hospital on New Earth. Throughout the confrontation with Cassandra O'Brien and release of some patients, Jatt remained calm and slightly indifferent, preferring to use a small palm-held device while Casp "negotiated" with Cassandra. However, when all of the infectious patients were released, she finally lost her cool, exclaiming in disbelief and horror at their freedom. When a patient approached her, she started hissing and batting at it with her claws to deter it, but to no avail. As Jatt let out a final, agonised scream, the patient touched her face, spreading its numerous viruses into her immunity-free body and killing her. (TV: New Earth)

She was the cousin of Sister Jara. (AUDIO: The Cats of New Cairo)

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