Jason Peter Kane was the husband of Bernice Summerfield. After their divorce, they continued an on-again/off again affair for several years. Born in the 20th century, he acclimatised to life in the 26th and 27th centuries.

After a period living adrift in the multiverse, Jason settled successfully on the Braxiatel Collection with Bernice in the 2600s. Amongst his other achievements he was regarded as a hero to many for saving the lives of children during the Fifth Axis occupation of the Collection, and in other circles as a noted author of erotic xenopornographic literature. Throughout his life, he had multiple romantic interests - male and female, human and alien.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Jason Kane was born to Peter Kane and his wife on 24 December 1983. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad) He grew up sixty or seventy miles outside of London.

Peter Kane's father had died during World War II, a trauma that Jason speculated may have been partially responsible for Peter's abusive and sadistic personality. (AUDIO: Just War) Whatever the cause, Peter Kane viciously abused his son Jason and his daughter Lucy, prompting Jason to run away when he was nearly fourteen years old. Jason walked five miles to the nearest town and left. He spent two and half years wandering around Yorkshire, Centrepoint and Mile End. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy)

Life in space Edit

In 1996, Jason inadvertently left his own era and planet — for good. On his way to Oxford Street, he was caught in an alien transport beam and was transported to an alien swamp on the planet t'Kao, in the latter half of the 26th century. From t'Kao, he hitched a ride aboard an ore processor. He spent around fifteen years in space.

During his travels, Jason acquired a ship about the size of a Boeing 727, minus one engine. It was considered quite old for the era. He had heard of the Time Lords. By the time he met Bernice Summerfield, Jason had slept with at least fifteen humans (male and female) and at least six aliens. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy)

Marriage Edit

Benny and Jason fell in love because they both tried to sabotage their relationships and it confused them. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy) The couple were married in 2010 in the village Cheldon Bonniface, England. (PROSE: Happy Endings) Jason accompanied Bernice to Earth in the mid 1980s to meet her formerly lost father, Isaac. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad)

Divorce Edit

Benny and Jason were shortly afterwards divorced on Earth's Moon. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps)

He went to Apollox 4 to show Benny an artefact. Soon afterwards, he was kidnapped. He spent time with an Ursulan named Miranda. He was taken to the Sunless homeworld. Benny later found him when she was taken there herself. (PROSE: Beyond the Sun)

Jason brought WiRgo!xu to meet Benny so they could get access to Benny's time ring. Once he went back to Babylon, he stayed with the People as he sympathised with them. In Babylon, he was tied up and tried to suggest he was useful. He eventually escaped and tried to explain to Ninan-ashtammu that things weren't preordained and that she could change her life. Before going back home, he bought Miriam's freedom. (AUDIO: Walking to Babylon)

Due to the presence of the People's bomb in the time corridor, he exited the corridor in 22000 instead of 2593. Here he encountered the Charrl and was taken to Queen Ch'tizz. He learnt of their plan to go back in time. Learning of his time ring, they planned to use it to go back in time before he was placed in their feeding farm. He escaped and deceived Ch'tizz to allow him to go to Earth to get the other time ring and help the Charrl that way. (AUDIO: Birthright)

Due to Jared Khan's intervention, Jason ended up in Germany in 1936 instead of the 26th century. He talked to a barman about radar. In 1941, he acted as a spy for the Royal Air Force. Upon hearing about the shooting of six islanders, he went to Guernsey to find out more information. He was captured and interrogated by Oskar Steinmann about why he was there. Later he was asked to look over the experimental plane's plans to see why one of them exploded. Benny was taken to him after she escaped from prison. She helped him to escape and work out what destroyed the German plane and destroyed its twin. He killed Joachim Wolff for what he did to Benny. They then returned to the 26th century. (AUDIO: Just War)

Jason wanted to talk to Benny, and had to trick her to use her time ring to go to Paris 1890. They drifted of course and when they landed he injured his ankle. He was taken by Kerrigan before the Grel came afterwards. He didn't know what a Grel was. He told Davina that he knew facts which they could use against the Grel. He used his simsuit to imitate a Grelloid but couldn't use it in practice. He followed the Grel ship to Bedfordshire by welding a air baloon to it. He becamse angry when Kerrigan knocked out the easiest method to get into the Grel base. (AUDIO: The Grel Invasion of Earth)

While newly divorced Benny settled down with a steady job at St Oscar's University on the planet Dellah, Jason continued adventuring around the galaxy, often getting mixed up in legally or morally questionable affairs. Though he still cared deeply for his ex-wife, he would often go months without contacting her. He felt this was the best course of action to shield Benny from the dangers he regularly faced; Bernice, however, felt that she didn't need to be shielded, and resented being called upon only when Jason got in over his head.

Becoming involved in the destruction/loss of the planet Dellah, Jason was inadvertently lost in a parallel dimension at the mercy of the alien Ferutu. (PROSE: Twilight of the Gods) He spent several years wandering between dimensions, spending a lot of time in Hell, before finally being rescued and returned to the normal universe around 2601. Having nowhere else to go, Jason reluctantly accepted Bernice's offer to stay at the Braxiatel Collection. The two began, tentatively, to rekindle their relationship — a task made more difficult by Benny being pregnant by Adrian Wall. (PROSE: The Infernal Nexus)

Life on the Collection Edit

Jason supported Bernice throughout her pregnancy and was determined to help her raise her son, Peter Summerfield. Though Benny insisted that she needed no help, she softened her stance; Peter called Jason "Daddy" for at least part of his childhood. Benny left Peter in his hands when she went to Goronos. He found it a difficult situation, and Peter was kindapped by Ashantra's people. He used his criminal contacts to get Peter back. (AUDIO: The Green-Eyed Monsters)

In his spare time Jason rekindled his career as a published author of xenopornography. (PROSE: A Life Worth Living)

Jason did not get along well with the Collection's owner, Irving Braxiatel. Their quarrels began when Jason was paranoid about the absence of Braxiatel's dark side. To shut him up, Braxiatel hypnotised Jason and placed him in a coma. (AUDIO: The Mirror Effect) During the Axis occupation of the Collection, Jason pretended to collaborate with the Axis whilst in secret he helped protect children from the damage. To endorse his image as a collaborator he wore a fat suit to give the image of a man living too well. (PROSE: Life During Wartime) He accompanied Benny to Heaven where he discovered that the Daleks behind the Fifth Axis. When he returned to the collection he led his irregulars into the liberation of the collection. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks) After recovering, Jason went through several unusual incidents, at one point going on trial for the murder of a prominent politician, manipulated into position by Irving Braxiatel. (PROSE: A Life in Pieces)

Braxiatel gave him the task of looking after the grounds whilst he looked for a replacement for Crofton. He was offworld when Veronica Bland helped with the grounds and was being attacked by lizard women. (AUDIO: Braxiatel in Love)

When he was looking after Peter, he showed him 20th century TV using Joseph. He wanted to take him and Peter to a fun fair using the time rings. He was taken through time at Peter's whim. They first travelled o the Festival of Piranha where they encountered flesh eating wraiths in the ghost train. They managed to escape to Ancient Egypt. However, when Benny was shot by the Grel, he became emotional and evasive towards them. He managed to stop them and got Peter to take them away to a jungle. He then took Peter away to help Benny recover. He encountered a Grel copy of Benny who blew up when Benny noticed it thought that they were still married. When the Grel pursuing them realised that one of them were his mother and decided not to blow them up, Jason was delighted. (AUDIO: The Grel Escape)

He was looking after Peter when Benny started acting strangely and he followed her offworld. His legs were injured in the blast off as he wasn't strapped in. On being taken to 44 he hatched a plan to help the Halyvons overthrow the Monoids. (AUDIO: The Kingdom of the Blind)

Markwood invited him and Benny to search through the damage of the Trib Museum during the civil war. He invented a translation device which he used to help the military understand the locals. He discovered the terrible stories of the locals of how the soldiers abused them. In order to stop the fighting he changed the diction on the translators and updated the dictionaries, this lead the locals to dance. (AUDIO: The Lost Museum)

He discovered how he had been manipulated, though, when Braxiatel nearly tricked him into becoming a Cyberman as part of his scheme to protect the Collection from outside threats. When Jason confronted Braxiatel the latter fled the Collection. (AUDIO: The Crystal of Cantus)

Final years Edit

Jason was upset that not enough was being done to find Benny when she went missing. He travelled with CroSSScape to Cerebus Iera where her diary was discovered. When La^Heyne couldn't convert Benny, she tried to convert him because he had spent time in another universe. La^Heyne managed to remove Braxiatel's blocks on his mind. (AUDIO: The Tartarus Gate)

He was asked to give an interview in the Drome to promote his news Xenopornography, but he didn't manage it do to a murder happening. He then asked Benny to investigate it. Jane Peters protected him when he was to be attacked by the security men. He was stabbed by a member of the support staff. Before this he believed that the support staff believed they were at war. After recovering he hacked into the computer to allow Benny access. (AUDIO: The Worst Thing in the World)

He was away from the collection when a sex virus ran through the Collection, which was much to Benny's annoyance. (AUDIO: Summer of Love)

He accompanied Benny to ancient Greece to find the Oracle. He met Megaira who enticed him into her cult, and used him as her voice in the Athenian senate. (AUDIO: The Oracle of Delphi)

Jason stayed on the Collection when Benny went to the Empire State and told her about the weird things that were happening there. (AUDIO: The Empire State)

Though they did not remarry, Jason and Benny continued their on-again, off-again romantic relationship. They aimed to conceive children of their own, bringing about the twins that they had originally been destined to conceive, but for reasons unknown to them, had not. (PROSE: Nobody's Children)

Jason had also become aware of several other peculiarities in the world about them, a growing sense of wrongness about the world. Following Braxiatel's return to the Collection and the destruction of the Stonehauser Medical Facility in the Draconian-Mim War, Jason began to search for proof of the man's interference with the timeline. (AUDIO: Freedom of Information)

He discovered entire sections of his (and Bernice's) life had been rewritten to suit Braxiatel's unknown agenda. Incensed, he confronted Braxiatel and was killed by unarmed attacks from Peter Summerfield, under Braxiatel's control. (AUDIO: The End of the World)

Appearance Edit

Jason Kane was 35-ish when he and Benny first met, 6'1", fairly good-looking (although usually somewhat unkempt and unshaven), and had dark curly hair which he cut short and dyed blond for a period of time.

This change of appearance was due to the casting of Stephen Fewell for the character's appearances in the Big Finish Bernice Summerfield range, who looked very little like Jason's depiction on the covers of Death and Diplomacy and Happy Endings.

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