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Jason Peter Kane (previously Summerfield-Kane) was a criminal and a prostitute who was accidentally transported to the 26th century and had a brief marriage with Bernice Summerfield.

Following a period of time living adrift in the multiverse, Jason lived and worked at the Braxiatel Collection with Bernice, with whom he shared an off-and-on relationship, in the 2600s and helped raise her son, Peter. He became a famous author of xenopornographic literature and eventually became aware of Irving Braxiatel's many changes to the timeline, including preventing Jason and Benny's remarriage and the birth of their children, Keith and Rebecca.

Jason investigated Braxiatel and confronted him about his wrongdoings, threatening to tell Benny about them. To prevent this, Braxiatel hypnotised Peter into killing him.


Early life[]

Jason was born on 24 December 1983 to Peter Kane and his wife. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad) He had a sister, Lucy, and grew up in a mock Tudor estate in the English countryside, sixty or seventy miles outside of London. Perhaps because he lost his own father in World War II, Peter beat Jason and Lucy. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy) Jason found comfort in his favourite book, The Magician's Nephew, identifying with Digory and wanting a girlfriend like Polly, (PROSE: Eternity Weeps) and built a den inside a pillbox at the beach as somewhere to go when playing truant from school. (PROSE: Oblivion)

As a birthday present, Jason asked for and received a word processor. He was isolated, friendless and wanted to be a political author, believing that he could be the next Harlan Ellison and using his school essays as an opportunity to do so. He had underdeveloped anti-capitalist views and was determined to be very nice should he ever meet a black person, an occurrence made unlikely by his white, middle-class background. (AUDIO: The End of the World) His only exposure to cricket was watching from beyond the boundary on occasion and paying no attention to matches on the television. (PROSE: Happy Endings) He once had a girlfriend called Kara. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy)

Due to his father's abuse, Jason ran away shortly before turning thirteen, (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy; AUDIO: The End of the World) walking five miles to the nearest town before leaving. Over the course of two and a half years, he wandered around Yorkshire, (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy) Piccadilly (PROSE: Beyond the Sun) and Mile End, staying at places such as Centrepoint, (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy) and felt guilty for leaving his sister behind. (AUDIO: Just War) At the age of fourteen, he attempted to tattoo himself with a doornail. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy)

Jason worked as a prostitute to make money, mostly catering to older male clientele, (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy; AUDIO: Just War) and spent his time "smoking Yorkie foil". He had relationships with Beth, Danny, Susan, Lisa, Carla and Sean before staying in Danielle, Mo and another Susan's squat in Euston for four months. After being kicked out, he had relationships with Kimberly, Micqui, Justin, Peter, Carmel and Louise, the last of whom got him into celibacy for a time. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy)

Life in the Cluster[]

On 24 December 1996, Jason was caught in a transmat beam set up by Shug and was transported to t'Kao in the Dagellan Cluster in the late 26th century. He got a lift off of the planet on an ore processor, taking Shug as a pet, and spent several years travelling around the Cluster in a second-hand ship that he acquired. He learnt to speak Basic and carried a small-gauge microflenser. During his time in space, he heard talk of Time Lords, Daleks (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy) and Cybermen. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Crystal of Cantus)

Jason had relationships with Rana, Liva, Sali, Moiara, Kamo and Sai d'RaKosh, among others. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy) One way that he earnt money was by continuing prostitution. His clients included a Denebian whom he charged before being beaten up by him. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps) He once barely managed to escape with his life after giving a smile to a Fnarok (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy) and had a bar fight on Squaxis. (PROSE: Happy Endings)

Jason with Benny. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy)

On Denaria VII, Jason was mugged in a back alley and had his money, identification, shoes and copy of The Magician's Nephew stolen. By this point, he had memorised all of his favourite passages from the book and he would later look back and think about how lucky he had been to survive the experience. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps)

Fifteen years after arriving in the Cluster, Jason met Bernice Summerfield, the first human he had encountered in the 26th century, and fled Jaris with her without paying his docking fees. He refused to take her to the summit and, after saving her life from asphyxiation, defrauding a casino on Makrath and having sex, he left her behind on Kalas, only to return for her and take her to the summit. Shug attempted to kill him on the way and, after he was defeated, Benny informed Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester that Jason had proposed to her and that she had accepted. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy)

Marriage to Benny[]

The Seventh Doctor took Jason and Benny to Cheldon Bonniface to be wed on 24 April 2010. The two argued a lot prior to the day but, after defeating the Master, the two were married using Time Rings gifted to them by the Doctor, who had been given them by his final incarnation. Although Benny initially insisted that Jason take the name "Kane-Summerfield" whilst she took "Summerfield-Kane", (PROSE: Happy Endings) they ended up doing the opposite, with Jason becoming "Jason Summerfield-Kane". (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad)

For their honeymoon, the Doctor took the newlyweds to Plautus (PROSE: Happy Endings) where Jason gave Benny a tiny Bible and a hair slide. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps) When she moaned about never having completed her doctorate, he quoted a female author, saying "It's never too late to be what you might have been". This motivated her to finally write her thesis, with Jason being willing to live with her in a tent on Youkali Six whilst she did so. (PROSE: Beyond the Sun) They lived there for a number of months.

Jason and Benny decided to have a child, choosing the baby names Keith for a boy and Dorothy for a girl, and tried for one during the Youkali autumn without success. Afraid that they might not be able to have children naturally, they considered adoption but, given their respective pasts, they found it unlikely that they would be accepted as adoptive parents. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad) Whilst Jason wanted to have a child, he was scared that he might turn out like his father. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps)

In 2587, Jason and Benny were reunited with the Doctor, Chris and Roz and travelled back in time to 1983 to meet Benny's father, Isaac Summerfield. Jason considered visiting his own father to get revenge upon him. In the past, a ghost handed Jason and Benny an eighteen-month-old child, Keith, who later faded away. Upon returning to 2587, Jason continued to help Benny achieve her PhD. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad)

Jason and Benny at their wedding. (PROSE: Happy Endings)

Remaining on Youkali Six, Jason and Benny moved from their tent to a rental academic house and were visited by the Doctor and Chris after Roz's death. Jason chose to go to the Tent of Ill Repute with Chris rather than watch the Doctor's recording of her funeral, later sitting awkwardly with Chris as Chris poured out his feelings and finding a wheelchair to be fixed up for the Doctor. (PROSE: So Vile a Sin) Another account, however, claimed that Jason had indeed attended the funeral.

Jason and Benny once visited South Africa and found themselves stranded due to an outbreak of Ebola. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps) When Benny eventually graduated, Jason attended the ceremony. (PROSE: Beyond the Sun) However, he began to find that their sex life was becoming boring, something that he saw as a sign of the marriage not working. The two went on holiday to 2003 using their Time Rings and, following an argument, joined separate expeditions to find Noah's Ark in Turkey. They eventually used their rings to call in the Doctor and Chris and worked with them to stop Agent Yellow, Jason accidentally causing the situation in an attempt to prevent it from happening and finally wiping out the Cthalctose.

Because of a number of reasons, including Benny lying about being pregnant in order to manipulate Jason into arming the bombs, the pair decided to get a divorce whilst on the Moon. Jason returned his Time Ring and chose to stay on Earth in 2003 to help with the aftermath that he himself had created, saying that, unlike his father, he did not shirk his responsibilities. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps) They had a divorce ceremony after which they parted ways. (PROSE: Beyond the Sun)

Return to crime[]

After returning to the 26th century, Jason resumed his life of crime and began a criminal and sexual relationship with Iranda, whom he met on Denaria 7. They assisted the Sunless by negotiating for the return of their looted historical artefacts until Jason realised that they were attempting to reassemble a weapon and fled with a figurine, taking it to Benny on Apollox 4 after looking for her at St Oscar's University. The pair had sex and, hours later, he was kidnapped by the Sunless and taken to their homeworld from which Benny eventually rescued him. He asked if they could start seeing each other again, but Benny declined. (PROSE: Beyond the Sun)

Jason was hired by the Knights of Jeneve to look into the Baygent Apotheosis, accepting the job in order to protect Benny and because he knew that Chris was involved. He visited Benny and Irving Braxiatel at St Oscar's and stole the co-ordinates of Ardethe, unaware that they were incorrect, and headed there with Emile Mars-Smith, being led by a distress call to an unconscious Chris. To help Charlene Connor start a new life, Jason agreed to marry her. (PROSE: Deadfall) The two wed, but their arrangement allowed for Jason to continue to have sex with others. (PROSE: Oblivion)

Assisting WiRgo!xu, !Ci!ci-tel and !qu-!qu-tala, Jason stole Benny's Time Ring and was taken back in time to Babylon. He sympathised with the People and stayed with them, eventually choosing to escape and convince Ninan-ashtammu to take control. Before leaving with Benny, he bought Miriam her freedom. (AUDIO: Walking to Babylon) According to one account, Benny had this adventure without Jason. (PROSE: Walking to Babylon)

Due to the People's bomb, he arrived in 22000 instead of 2593 and was placed in the Charrl's feeding farm before he was able to trick Queen Ch'tizz by supposedly going to Earth to get the other Time Ring. (AUDIO: Birthright) According to a separate account, Benny experienced this adventure whilst travelling with the Doctor and Ace, before meeting Jason. (PROSE: Birthright)

Thanks to Jared Khan, Jason arrived in 1936 Germany and stayed there for years waiting for Benny, having agreed with her that in such a circumstance they would meet at Guernsey. He acted as a spy for the Royal Air Force and returned to Guernsey in 1941 to investigate the shooting of six islanders, eventually meeting up with Benny and killing Joachim Wolff for harming her. They were able to return home after stopping dealing with the consequences of Jason mentioning radar shortly after arriving in 1936. (AUDIO: Just War) One account held that Benny had this adventure during her travels with the Doctor, Roz and Chris. (PROSE: Just War)

Not long after, Jason was able to trick Benny into using their Time Rings to take them to 1890 Paris - however, they instead arrived in 2150s England. He injured his ankle upon arriving and was rescued from the Grel by Kerrigan, later working with him to try to stop the aliens and coming into conflict with Benny. (AUDIO: The Grel Invasion of Earth)

Jason eventually "finished" with Charley, after which he took up rock climbing as a way to meet new people and was attracted to his instructor. (PROSE: Twilight of the Gods)

Two years after last having sex with Benny (from her perspective), a woman in the Proximan Chain-rafts flirted with Jason and stole his travelling money, leaving him stranded until Sgloomi Po picked him, Chris and Benny up for assistance. He refused to answer Benny's questions about his wife, telling her that she had no idea what she was talking about and, after being hooked up to virtual reality where he was imprisoned and raped, he headed for the Catan Nebula to deal with some "unfinished business". (PROSE: Oblivion)

Jason wrote a xenopornographic autobiography called Nights of the Perfumed Tentacle with certain parts, including references to Benny, excised. He bumped into Benny on Mars and, hoping for reconciliation and after having sex in his hotel room, agreed to stay to investigate Isaac Denikin's death. He was arrested after breaking into the police station looking for evidence and was bailed out by Benny. Before leaving Mars, Jason and Benny established that there was hope for the two of them in the future. (PROSE: Beige Planet Mars)

Jason caught wind of the Stratum Seven Agent's investigations and, learning that he was a bioweapon from the Catan Nebula, set up a meeting where Mira was able to use her telepathy to confirm that he meant Benny no harm. He realised that Benny had "done a Mary-Sue" after reading references to Rebecca in Benny's diary and, with the agent and Mira, headed to Beta Caprisis where he was able to reawaken her true self. (PROSE: The Mary-Sue Extrusion) He later visited the Worldsphere and watched simulations of himself. (PROSE: Tears of the Oracle)

Interdimensional sojourns[]

Jason and Benny fleeing. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Infernal Nexus)

Jason joined Benny, Chris, Clarence and Braxiatel on KS-159. He and Clarence went to Virabilis ahead of Benny in order to keep her safe on her holiday, coming into possession of Dorpfeld's Prism whilst there. (PROSE: The Joy Device) He assisted the group during the destruction of Dellah and was held captive by the Ferutu in their universe, being threatened with death unless Benny allowed them to enter N-Space. However, Benny refused and left him behind. (PROSE: Twilight of the Gods)

Caught in a state of flux, Jason wandered between dimensions for several years, (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Infernal Nexus) driven by the thought of seeing Benny again. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Green-Eyed Monsters) He spent a lot of time in Hell and did not age thanks to the Gilhooly Theory of Transdimensional Contrivance. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Infernal Nexus) He met Agragazar Fletchcock and began working for him in order to get home, ultimately missing what seemed to be his one opportunity to do so, (PROSE: The Door into Bedlam) and worked for Volan Sleed when he took over. He was finally able to return home through Station Control and was reunited with Benny.

Following the end of his contract, Jason declined Fletchcock's offer of re-employment and reluctantly accepted Benny's offer of accommodation at the Braxiatel Collection. They tentatively began to rekindle their relationship, although this was further complicated when Benny realised that she was pregnant with Adrian Wall's child. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Infernal Nexus)

Stepfatherhood and suspicions[]

Jason supported Benny through her pregnancy (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Green-Eyed Monsters) but was jealous of Adrian and argued with him about their respective roles during the birth regardless of Benny's own wishes. He took to getting drunk in bars and having casual sex, inadvertently putting his ex-wife in danger when he drunkenly told the cultist Marianne about Benny and her child. Braxiatel took Jason and Adrian to her after she had given birth to her son, Peter Guy Summerfield. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Glass Prison)

Jason and Adrian arguing over Peter. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Green-Eyed Monsters)

Peter's birth did nothing to stop Jason and Adrian's arguing, leading Benny to put them both in charge of looking after him whilst she went to Goron IV. Peter was kidnapped by Ashantra's people whilst in their care and returned after Jason threatened Sloaty's family. Although Jason and Adrian had opened up to one another during the debacle, Jason attempted to take all of the credit when they were reunited with Benny, starting an argument throughout which Benny tried to stop Peter from crying. (AUDIO: The Green-Eyed Monsters)

Benny was able to persuade Jason to use their Time Rings to take them back to the 21st century in search of Britney Spears CDs for the Collection. (PROSE: A Mutual Friend) He found a diary entry of Benny's saying that she was trapped in the past and used his Time Ring to activate a time machine in the Pons Asinorum, transporting him to a luxurious and fully-stocked spacecraft. He proceeded to write a similar diary entry which led Benny to him, allowing them to escape using their Time Rings. (PROSE: The Collection)

Jason and Benny fell through a mirror in the Collection and entered another world into which they were soon followed by Braxiatel and Adrian. Jason became suspicious of Braxiatel due to how much he knew about the mirror and because the mirror-world seemed to have no dark side for him, prompting Braxiatel to hypnotise him to forget his suspicions and to suffer migraines whenever they resurfaced. Upon returning, Braxiatel had him sent to a medical satellite. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Mirror Effect)

Eventually, Jason recovered and returned to the Collection, making Benny reluctant to travel to Chosan and be separated from him and Peter. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Poison Seas)

The Axis occupation[]

When the Fifth Axis invaded and occupied the Braxiatel Collection, Jason pretended to collaborate with the enemy and began wearing an Axis uniform (PROSE: The Fall) with a fat suit made of polymimetic ceramaline. He arranged for hybrid children living on the Collection to be kept safe in a bunker to be cared for by allies from off-world, also ensuring that the parents pretended not to know what had happened to them in order to keep the operation secret. (PROSE: Suffer the Children)

He accompanied the Axis soldiers (PROSE: Careless Talk) and was charged with directing a group of Thoolmids as they worked. To maintain the allusion, he approached Benny upon spotting her and told her that she did not understand what the Axis were doing. (PROSE: Lockdown Conversations: 1) He, Benny and Mushtaq Anson greeted "Leo Didas" when he arrived at the Collection and wondered about Benny's enthusiasm during a tour that they gave him. (PROSE: The Price of Everything) He arranged for the Killorans to work directly under him, meaning that they would not be sent off-world, and mistreated Adrian. (PROSE: Lockdown Conversations: 2) He later spoke with Ash Madai at a bar and cried due to his powers. (PROSE: Midrash)

Jason and Benny running from Daleks. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks)

Jason received the Cluster of Moral Rectitude (Third Class) for his work in procurement and was the guest of honour at an Axis party, disgusting Benny. When she confronted him about the missing hybrid children, he told her the truth and explained what he had been doing during the occupation, taking her to the bunker and executing a number of soldiers who followed them there. (PROSE: Suffer the Children) His allies began talks with the Resistance and he had Peter moved to the bunker when Bernard Moskof seemed suspicious. (PROSE: Drinking with the Enemy)

Jason assisted Benny in her plan to download the Axis security systems (PROSE: Lockdown Conversations: 4) and located Isaac Summerfield on Heaven. He accompanied Benny there and fought the Daleks before sending a message that caused his mercenaries and the Resistance to attack the Axis, leading to its liberation. Afterwards, Benny told him that she wanted to get back together with him. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks)


Left without a gardener following Mr Crofton's death, Braxiatel put Jason in charge of looking after the Collection's grounds whilst searching for a replacement. Jason was off-world after Veronica Bland took on the job and was attacked by lizard women. (AUDIO: Braxiatel in Love)

Jason, Benny, Peter, Joseph and Sophia were transported to the Festival of Piranha in 2022 after Jason gave Peter Benny's Time Ring. They travelled across time and space avoiding the Grel and learnt from a Grel robot that Jason and Benny were to remarry, eventually returning to the Collection using a Grel time machine. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Grel Escape)

Jason with his family and colleagues. (PROSE: A Life Worth Living)

At Christmas, Jason set up a treasure hunt for Benny which led her to the Eighth Doctor. (PROSE: ...Be Forgot) Braxiatel gave Jason a job as his "consultant", a job without a real description and which he suspected meant that he would be tasked with stealing artefacts for the Collection. (PROSE: Misplaced Spring) He distracted Benny twice whilst she was trying to write her speech for the First Annual Braxiatel Collection Archaeology Conference, wanting to know why she could find the time to talk to students and not to her. (PROSE: Final Draft)

By October 2064, Jason had began writing xenopornography again, his books including such titles as Tongues of the Mollusc-Women, Different Flesh, Sins of the Pseudopod and World of the Vixenoids. After an academic criticised his writing at a party, he wrote an analytical paper of his own work under a nom de plume in order to show him up. The increase in his book sales following the paper led him to write several more under the anagrammatical aliases of Jonas Neak, Dr Jan Jeason, Professor Anne Sojak and Dr Ken J. Aason, as well as Professor Arsenio W. Cockshaft. (PROSE: Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants)

Jason became a celebrity on Zardox after his work as a consultant at a casino intending to branch out into adult services was fictionalised for Aventures de la Frontière Nouvelle. (PROSE: Zardox Break) He used ProxyMations after several of his identities were invited to the same conference and hid away when one claimed that the others were hired by Jason's publishers to drive up book sales, wanting to avoid the bad publicity that would inevitably result. (PROSE: Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants)

Jason helped Benny stop Rand Gemeno from destroying texts proving the existence of the Harrassi (PROSE: The Blame of the Nose) and caused a power outage when trying to fix Benny's lights. (PROSE: There Never Need Be Longing In Your Eyes) He was framed for murdering Brenda and was arrested by the Brotherhood of Magicians before Benny was able to get him released. (PROSE: Nothing Up My Sleeve) He was at Benny's side after she suffered a mild heart attack. (PROSE: Mentioning the War)

Following an argument with Benny, Jason took her on holiday to Zardox without telling her that they would be taking part in Celebrity Split, a reality show which he believed their love was strong enough to survive. MegaStel Productions called off after Humphrey Pumpkin stabbed Benny and paid for the rest of their holiday, during which Jason was tricked into taking part in Damion Agrazoth's film starring the Glitta Bitches. Afterwards, he was arrested by Dick Strangely (PROSE: Zardox Break) on suspicion of murdering Mark Morton. (PROSE: The Purpura Pawn)

Jason was imprisoned for some time, breaking his spirit, before he was put on trial. He suffered from migraines once again and was eventually found not guilty thanks to Benny pretending to be a weapons expert, but she admitted to Braxiatel that she had some doubts about his innocence. When Kristoffa Tailor and Claire Marsh got close to working out who really did it, they were poisoned by a waiter who suffered a migraine and entered a coma. (PROSE: On Trial)

Whilst Benny went on a trip with Adrian, Jason looked after Peter. (PROSE: You Shouldn't Have) He joined the sleepwalking Benny on her journey to 26 and was left unconscious and injured when she took off. Upon awakening, he met 44, who went on to heal his injuries, and saved Benny from the Monoids. (AUDIO: The Kingdom of the Blind)

Jason was off-world when Peter was abducted by Ms Jones, working with the Plague Dogs to put a stop to Oinky Pete's adaptation of one of his books using slaves. (PROSE: Jason and the Pirates) He was contacted about the abduction by Braxiatel, who sent him after Benny to ensure that Peter did not see her kill, (PROSE: Parallel Lives (III)) and was shot and stunned by Ms Jones when they found her on Thuban. (PROSE: Parallel Lives (IV))

The history machine[]

After Wolsey died, Jason picked Peter up from school to help Benny out. He attended the press launch of the history machine and was present when it was activated, (PROSE: Inappropriate Laughter) helping repair the damage it caused to the Collection in one world. (PROSE: Siege Mentality) He was reminded of his own migraines in another world after Adrian fell into a coma due to one and, suspicious, visited Braxiatel who beat his skull with the Purpura Pawn to stop him from revealing the truth about him. (PROSE: Dead Mice)

In a third world, Jason visited Benny in hospital and was angry to hear that she intended to use one of Avril Fenman's crystals to give her own life for Peter's. (PROSE: Acts of Senseless Devotion) The history machine killed just Jason in one world (PROSE: Match of the Deity) and both him and Adrian in another (PROSE: The God Gene) whilst another left him alive but disfigured. Worried about whether or not Benny could still love him, he went to Hass who transformed part of the gardens into a love letter for Benny. (PROSE: Writing in Green)

Another scarred Jason employed Paul Stevens to catalogue the artefacts at the Collection after some were misfiled or went missing. (PROSE: Showing Initiative) In another world, he became a depressed alcoholic after Benny left him for Doggles. He received a message from an alternative self and used a device received from a friend whose name he could not remember which made him aware that history had been shattered into pieces. Before history reset, he drew a question mark on his head, hoping that his successor would get to the bottom of things. (PROSE: Back and There Again)

When history was restored, Jason attended Wolsey's funeral and told Benny that he would leave her alone despite his love for her should she feel that there was someone better for her. She assured him that that was not the case. (PROSE: After Life)

Braxiatel's departure[]

Jason joined Benny on her mission to Trib City and invented a translation device which allowed the military to understand the locals, later updating the dictionaries and causing both sides to believe that the other had backed down. He also told Benny that Adrian and Bev Tarrant were "at it like rabbits", which she was initially sceptical of. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Lost Museum)

Jason as a Cyber-Leader. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Crystal of Cantus)

Braxiatel manipulated Jason into joining him on a journey to Cantus to recover the Crystal of Cantus, but Jason's lie to Benny about them going to the opera led her to stow away aboard the shuttle and join them. After crashing, he encountered the Cybermen and their Cyber-Leader, Ronan McGinley, whose place Braxiatel intended Jason to take. Braxiatel was successful until Benny took the Crystal from Jason and turned its power against the Cybermen, after which the couple returned to the Collection.

Due to the experience, Jason found that he could remember everything that Braxiatel had made him forget and that he was immune to further hypnosis from the Time Lord. He confronted Braxiatel in his office and attacked him, threatening him into leaving, and told Benny that they could all make the Collection work in his absence. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Crystal of Cantus)

Braxiatel's absence[]

Jason was upset that not enough was being done to find Benny after she went missing and travelled with CroSSScape to Cerebus Iera where her diary was discovered. La^Heyne trapped Jason there and attempted to convert him to her cause, believing that it would be easier with him than Benny given that he had spent time in a higher universe. She went on to completely restore his lost memories, making him realise that Braxiatel was not entirely himself and to swear that he would kill him if he ever saw him again. (AUDIO: The Tartarus Gate)

A ghost of Braxiatel haunted Jason, causing Benny and Bev to finally ask him what really happened between him and Jason the day that he left. Jason told them the truth and, after Bev destroyed the ghost, he told them that the ghost only wanted to apologise to him for what he had done. (PROSE: Work in Progress) Jason found Peter in the Mansionhouse after he disappeared, learning that he was exploring with his imaginary friend Keith. (PROSE: Key) After Bev stood Adrian up, the Killoran went drinking with Jason instead. (PROSE: The Inconstant Gallery)

Jason helped Mahalia Nkansah Hernandez look for themes for Bev's pavilion and came across Peter the Great's Amber Room. When the room was opened for visitors, ghostly soldiers appeared and the two destroyed the amber walls with makeshift Molotov cocktails. (PROSE: Cabinet of Curiosities) Bev later tasked him with writing a piece on coverage of the Collection in the media, which he chose to write in Braxiatel's office using Braxiatel's pen, unaware that it was a Time Vector Generator. This affected the room's dimensions before Bev fixed it. (PROSE: The Two-Level Effect)

When Peter wanted to give Benny a present, Jason sent him to Hass for a flower. (PROSE: Let There Be Stars) He planned to propose to Benny a second time and went to dinner with her at Cafe Vosta, but his plans were ruined when Bev's new security system interacted badly with Braxiatel's. (PROSE: False Security) He became anxious about the Quire and the looming threat of the Draconian Empire, worries that were exacerbated by a piece of art painted over a fold in time which Benny later had Doggles unfold. (PROSE: The Painting on the Stair)

Most of the Collection's artefacts disappeared mysteriously and Jason was the one to realise that the ones that remained were those that had not been catalogued by the Chester Industries drones. (PROSE: The Cost for a Collection) He and Benny went after Peter when he switched his pass tag with Benny's and found him in Wajiwaj's mum-dad's bar. (PROSE: Lock) Bev had Jason make Benny apologise to Dorso for being angry with her. (PROSE: Perspectives: The Injured Party)

Jason was asked to give an interview in the Drome to promote Xenomorphic Bondage Slaves, Part 37, but Marvin Glass's murder meant that it was postponed. He asked Benny to investigate it and was stabbed by Jane Peters. After recovering, he hacked into the computer to grant Benny access and they realised that the Drome was controlling them for the sake of making stories. (AUDIO: The Worst Thing in the World) He went to help set up a communications relay on the Third Moon of Mim and flirted with a netball team made up of people with five arms. He returned exhausted and declined sex with Benny, who was, like the rest of the Collection, infected with a pollen that made them aroused. Once the situation was revolved, Jason told Benny that he wanted to try for more children. (AUDIO: Summer of Love)

Draconian-Mim War[]

Using their Time Rings, Jason and Benny went back to 430 BCE Greece where he met Megaira whilst bathing in one of the Sacred Springs of Delphi. She attempted to hypnotise him and, when he saw Braxiatel inside her head, he pretended to be under her control in order to find him, eventually learning about the Stone of Barter and returning with Benny to the future to find it. (AUDIO: The Oracle of Delphi)

Jason found himself trapped in an infinite corridor in the Mansionhouse for a whole afternoon and, upon returning, learnt that he had only been gone for a matter of minutes. Also concerned about the Draconians, he sent Benny a message informing her of the strange goings-on at the Collection and asked her to return with haste, sending another when the Draconians attacked. (AUDIO: The Empire State)

In conversation with Kothar, Jason told him what Braxiatel had tried to do to him and initially refused to talk about Benny and her whereabouts. He noticed Clarissa Jones's name on the list of those killed by the Draconians at the Stonehauser Medical Facility and gave Benny up in return for the information, knowing that he could use it against Braxiatel, but she was freed after the destruction of the Mimsphere. (AUDIO: Freedom of Information)

Jason and Benny went on holiday to Phaaag Zenbrou to try to conceive another child whilst Isaac looked after Peter. (PROSE: All Mimsy Were the Borogroves) They later went to Montavadros with Peter, where Jason proposed to Benny a second time and was turned down, being told that it was a postponement rather than a rejection. She later miscarried. (PROSE: The Loyal Left Hand) Back on the Collection, he had to fight back a Mim that entered Peter's bedroom before Adrian and the Killorans came to help and had a sperm sample frozen. (PROSE: Nursery Politics)


Jason visiting his father. (AUDIO: The End of the World)

Jason came to believe that Braxiatel had caused major alterations to the timeline, including bringing about both of Ms Jones's deaths, causing his and Benny's divorce and preventing the existence of Keith and Rebecca. He shared his beliefs with Mira, who joined him on his investigations. Wanting to finally do right by Lucy, he told his father that his house was under surveillance and set up a trust fund for her.

Returning to the Collection, Jason finally confronted Braxiatel about what he had done to his, Benny's and Ms Jones's timelines and learnt that he had done the same for Mira and Keri. He told Braxiatel that he would take him down and tell Benny everything. Incapable of hypnotising him, Braxiatel controlled Peter and made him kill Jason, telling him that he was planning to hurt his mother and everyone on the Collection. Before dying, Jason told Peter that he would one day remember what he had done and that he did not blame him. (AUDIO: The End of the World)


A funeral was held for Jason at the Collection during which Benny played a dance remix of "Abide with Me". She left the collection with Peter, (AUDIO: The Wake) whom she later had attend counselling in order to help him deal with what he had done. (AUDIO: Many Happy Returns) Benny did not learn why Braxiatel had killed Jason until many years later. (AUDIO: Escaping the Future)

Jason's publishers re-released all of his books in order to cash in on the publicity caused by his death. (AUDIO: The Wake)

On Mars, a Guardian used Jason's voice whilst following Benny around Sutekh's pyramid. It lied to her in order to get her to re-embody Sutekh and told her that Jason was not really dead. (AUDIO: The Pyramid of Sutekh)


Although he was left feeling insecure and unworthy by his father's abuse, Jason was charming and able to get on with anybody by presuming that he would be welcome and liked. (PROSE: Beyond the Sun) He had a crass and juvenile sense of humour. (PROSE: Twilight of the Gods)

Benny described him as a "rough diamond" with "a heart of gold and a roving eye", but she knew that he loved her. (PROSE: The Dying Days) Hass found him to be immature (PROSE: Against Gardens) and Emile Mars-Smith believed that his sense of humour was less developed than a six-year-old's. (PROSE: Deadfall) Braxiatel never thought that he was good enough for Benny. (AUDIO: The End of the World)


Jason was about six foot tall. (PROSE: Deadfall) He was lithe, muscular (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy) and brown-haired, (PROSE: Happy Endings) although he dyed it blond during his marriage and for a time after the divorce. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad, Beyond the Sun, Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Doomsday Manuscript) He often had stubble. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy, Deadfall)

His torso had a number of scars, some self-inflicted by his attempt at giving himself tattoos when he was fourteen. He also had a broken nose and a golden upper-right canine tooth which he thought made him look somewhat piratical. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy) Benny believed that he looked laddish and was attractive in a "traditional sort of way". (PROSE: Beyond the Sun) He often wore the brown (PROSE: Deadfall) leather jacket that he had been wearing when he was transported to the Dagellan Cluster. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy)

After beginning his career as an author, Jason started wearing cheap plastic glasses and put on weight, developing a slight double chin. His hairline had also begun to recede by then. (PROSE: Beige Planet Mars) Due to the Gilhooly Theory of Transdimensional Contrivance, he did not age whilst wandering across dimensions. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Infernal Nexus)

Behind the scenes[]

A blond-haired Jason on the cover of PROSE: Deadfall.

  • Despite being described as brown-haired in-text, Jason Kane was mistakenly depicted with blond hair on the cover of the novel Deadfall, making him resemble Chris Cwej. However, despite Cwej also appearing in Deadfall, writer Gary Russell confirmed that the individual depicted on the cover was intended to be Jason Kane, as betrayed by his outfit.[1]