Jason was a hero in Greek mythology. He was a captain who set on a long quest for the Golden Fleece, which he found hanging on a tree at the end of the world. His crew were called Argonauts. The Fourth Doctor called Jackson "Jason" when he said goodbye to him; when Leela asked why, he told her about the myth, then wondered if it was also a prophecy. (TV: Underworld)

Vicki recalled that the ancient Greeks were heroes, like Jason and the Argonauts, but Steven Taylor replied that real life was never like the myths. (PROSE: The Myth Makers)

A film was made of the Jason and the Argonauts myth. Ben Jackson was reminded of the skeletons in that film by the movements of a corpse possessed by a Selyoid. (PROSE: Dying in the Sun)

Gold prospectors in 19th century California were nicknamed Argonauts. (PROSE: Whiskey and Water)

Behind the scenes Edit

Many of the names and incidents in Underworld were derived from the myth of Jason and the Argonauts. (INFO: Underworld, DOC: Into the Unknown)

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