Jasmine "Jaz" Samuels, born circa 1998, lived with her mother, Naomi, and father, Keith, at a house on Lloyd George Avenue, Cardiff.

She and her parents became trapped in their home after Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams accidentally led a horde of "zombies" to their door.


During the Cardiff zombie outbreak, Jasmine and her mother were roused from their sleep to discover two strangers in their home and a horde of zombies bashing at their doors, walls and windows.

Jaz helped her mum wedge small but heavy items, like the toaster and microwave, against the back door of the house.

She had a cork noticeboard in her bedroom, on which she stuck photos and various other items. When requested by Gwen, she scampered up the stairs to collect this in order to board up the windows.

With the house as secure as they could make it, Jasmine joined her parents, Gwen and Rhys in the front room. After a constant barrage of thuds and groans against the doors, windows and walls, Naomi couldn't take it. Her mother's outburst caused Jasmine to abruptly burst into tears.

She followed Gwen into the kitchen, where she helped convey coffee orders and pour milk. Shortly after returning to the font room, the zombies broke in through the window and Gwen ushered the family upstairs. The Samuelses gathered beneath a wooden panel in the ceiling which led to the attic of the house. Gwen went first. Rhys then wrenched Jasmine from Naomi's arms and plonked her half way up the ladder. Naomi followed her into the attic.

Trapped in the safety of the attic, Rhys called his friend, Nobby, who had access to a Coastguard helicopter. Jasmine, Naomi and Keith made it safely aboard the helicopter with Gwen and Rhys and flew to St Helen's Hospital. There, Gwen rescued two of her friends, Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones. The helicopter alighted on the hospital roof and Jasmine and her parents waited with Nobby while Gwen, Rhys, Jack and Ianto went inside.

A short time later, Nobby received a further phone call from Rhys telling him that the crisis was over. Nobby flew Jaz and her family home. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)


Aged 11, she was "a pretty little slip of a thing". In her arms, she carried Sunny - a toy rabbit. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)


When asked for help by strangers, she would look towards her mother for approval. When asked by Gwen if she wanted a hot chocolate, she consulted with her toy rabbit with which she nodded in approval. As a child, she was curious and naïve. She hated warm milk. During the attack on her home, she had wide, scared eyes. She appeared much younger than her 11 years and was on the edge of tears. When her parents bickered, she held Sunny close and watched them with trepidation. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

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