Japetus or Iapetus was the second moon of Saturn.


In the 30th century, Japetus was part of the Earth Empire. (PROSE: So Vile a Sin) Centuries later, minerals were being sent to Io for distribution throughout the Galactic Federation. (PROSE: Legacy)

According to one account, by the year 3985 there were three man-made colonies on the moon, one of which was Kaldor City. Kaldor City existed on the edge of a vast sandy desert, with the Founding Families governing Japetus. (PROSE: Legacy) However, according to all other sources, Kaldor City and its Founding Families were instead located on the planet Kaldor. (AUDIO: Occam's Razor, COMIC: Crisis on Kaldor)

Japetus was one of the planets which adopted neo-astrology created by Kasterborus. (PROSE: Introduction and links)

In 3985, the mercenaries Lambert, Sadler, Cooper and Townsend left Japetus in stolen Federation shuttles. (PROSE: Legacy)

The temple of the Lord of Time was located on Iapetus. In 2015, Iris Wildthyme held a party on the moon. (PROSE: Our Tune)

Behind the scenes[]

  • The novel Legacy implies that The Robots of Death was set on Japetus, but all other sources indicate that it was located on the planet Kaldor. As pointed out in the reference book AHistory, Kaldor City is located far from Earth space and has no interstellar trade.