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Janet was a Weevil caught by Torchwood Three and kept in its cells. Janet was kept as a pet, like Myfanwy, by Torchwood.


Janet was one of the many Weevils either disgorged by the Cardiff Rift or born in the city. She lurked around the Royal Infirmary and killed a hospital porter before she was captured by Torchwood, and held in a cell. Jack Harkness later showed it to Gwen Cooper when explaining how Weevils were alien. (TV: Everything Changes)

When Gwen was interrogating the Sex Gas that was controlling Carys Fletcher, she turned to another cell and was frightened when Janet jumped up. (TV: Day One)

When Toshiko was thinking about how her friends' thoughts were like looking at a Weevil, she thought of Janet roaring in her pen. (TV: Greeks Bearing Gifts)

When a Weevil was killed by a person infected with an alien tapeworm, Janet started whistling to mourn. Later, when Marianne Till, another victim of a tapeworm, was brought to the Torchwood cells, Janet was terrified of her and was slumped, cowering by the furthest wall from Marianne's cell. (PROSE: Slow Decay)

When Torchwood was trying to find the Weevil Fight Club, they let Janet loose and used her telepathic senses to find others of her kind. She was abducted by the Fight Club, during which she was brutally beaten and electrocuted with shock prods, and used as a wrestler. She faced Owen Harper and nearly mauled him to death before she was captured by and returned to Torchwood. (TV: Combat)

When the cells went offline, Janet escaped, but was trapped in the hold along with Rhys Williams, who was being kept safe by Gwen. Janet did not kill Rhys, but Bilis Manger did, frightening Janet. (TV: End of Days)

When trying to prove to an undercover Sleeper Agent that there were such things as aliens, Jack threatened to feed her to Janet. (TV: Sleeper)

Owen Harper spoke to Janet about his problems. He considered it a kind of therapy. (PROSE: Trace Memory)

When interrogating Billy Davies, Ianto Jones brought in Janet, whose chain brought her mere inches away from him. Ianto got rid of her by using anti-Weevil spray. (TV: Reset)

When Weevils began to worship Owen Harper because he was a key for Durac to enter this world, he tested this by sticking his finger into Janet's pen; she didn't bite it off. (TV: Dead Man Walking) Even after Durac died, Janet was still distressed around Owen. When thinking about his death, Owen stood by Janet's pen, watching her cower away. (TV: A Day in the Death)

Janet was later released from her cell by Gray. She attacked Gwen Cooper and John Hart, but was shot and wounded by Ianto Jones or Toshiko Sato. She was then returned to her cell. (TV: Exit Wounds)

When interrogating Kerko, Jack Harkness threatened to feed him to Janet. (PROSE: The Undertaker's Gift)

Jack had to avoid Janet whilst infected with Invictus. (AUDIO: "Prodromal: Love")


Janet was aggressive and dangerous like most other Weevils. (TV: Everything Changes, Greeks Bearing Gifts)

Janet was named by Jack Harkness. He also considered the name Barbara, but found it unsuitable. (TV: Combat)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Her name as Janet was revealed in Combat, but the rest of the team were oblivious to Jack's naming of her. He later used the name "Janet" to introduce the hidden Sleeper to her. Janet was still credited as "Weevil", even after her name's revelation.
  • Beyond the name, there is little to indicate whether Janet was, in fact, a female Weevil, and the character was played by a male actor.