Jane Fonda Iris & Eighth Doctor

The Jane Fonda incarnation of Iris Wildthyme. (PROSE: Bafflement and Devotion)

Jane Fonda was a famous 20th century actor. An incarnation of Iris Wildthyme resembled a young Jane Fonda. (PROSE: The Scarlet Empress, The Blue Angel, Bafflement and Devotion, From Wildthyme with Love) Many people, including Maddy Sharp and Panda, noticed the similarity in appearances. (PROSE: The Blue Angel, From Wildthyme with Love)

Behind the scenes Edit

Jane Fonda Iris

Jane Fonda incarnation of Iris from the table of contents of DWM 289.

The table of contents for DWM 289 included original art of the Jane Fonda incarnation of Iris that was not included in the story itself.

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