Jane Espenson is an American television writer who was part of the writing staff of series 4 of Torchwood. She personally wrote the scripts for Dead of Night, The Categories of Life, Immortal Sins and co-wrote End of the Road and The Blood Line. She also wrote the motion comic Torchwood: Web of Lies which accompanied the series.

Prior to Torchwood she worked as a writer and producer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and also wrote for its spin-off series, Angel, as well as the revived Battlestar Galactica and its prequel series Caprica. She also co-created Warehouse 13, and her other writing credits include Dollhouse and Star Trek Deep Space Nine, making her one of only two writers (the other being John Shiban) to have written televised episodes in both the Star Trek and Doctor Who franchises.

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