Jane Austen, also called Jane Halidom, was a novelist from 18th and 19th century England who was resurrected in the City of the Saved.

Biography Edit

Austen assisted the First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Vicki Pallister in defeating a Phoenix in London in February 1814. The Doctor was pleased to meet Austen, declaring his admiration for all of her novels. Austen was surprised by this, having at that time only written two novels which had been published anonymously. (AUDIO: Frostfire)

The Sixth Doctor mentioned once having danced a cotillion with Austen, who he said was a "nifty mover". (AUDIO: The Behemoth) The Eleventh Doctor said Austen was "not much of a kisser" (COMIC: Convention Special) while Clara Oswald later described Austen as a "phenomenal kisser". (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) Clara also said that she and Jane played pranks on one another. (TV: Face the Raven)

Jane was among the notable women of Earth's history who were invited by Missy to join MADAM. (PROSE: Girl Power!)

She was 41 when she died. Jane was resurrected in the City of the Saved, where she appeared as roughly 35 years old and lived in the Sullipsar District. During the Civil War, Jane encouraged her husband Rex Halidom to accept Mayor Ignotus' military summons; when Una duplicated Rex during the mission, he worried that Jane would never learn to accept the fact that there were now two of him. (PROSE: A Hundred Words from a Civil War)

Jane and both versions of her husband were consumed by the Anonymity and restored to life in the second City of the Saved. (PROSE: God Encompasses)

Legacy Edit

Charley Pollard had read lots of Jane Austen. (AUDIO: Seasons of Fear)

Clara was interrupted by the Twelfth Doctor during a lesson about Pride and Prejudice when he corrected her about the date of writing of the novel. She tried to guess about a rendezvous between the Doctor and the author, but the former countered he knew that as he had read her biography in a copy of the book. (TV: The Caretaker)

In the 79th century, Rex Halidom was a big fan of Austen's novel Persuasion. In 7883, Iris Wildthyme gave Halidom Jane Austen - Complete Works as a parting gift. (PROSE: Battleship Anathema)

Highbury District was largely populated by Jane Austen enthusiasts. (PROSE: Highbury)

Gillian Petra described Darcy Bennett's name as being "plucked straight from the pages of Jane Austen". (PROSE: Erasing Sherlock)

Behind the scenes Edit

According to The Brilliant Book 2012, a book that contains non-narrative based information, in an alternate universe where all of history happened at once, Austen teased of a massacre in her book Emmerdale.

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