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Jamie Robertson is a member of the post-production team of Big Finish Productions. He has mostly served as a composer for Big Finish but has also worked on sound design for many releases.

Each year he composes music for all different ranges from the spin-offs to the main range. Most notably in 2013, Jamie Robertson was the composer for the show's 50th anniversary official audio The Light at the End.

For the first time in Doctor Who audio history, he mixed and released The Light at the End in Dolby 5.1 as a download extra via the Big Finish site.

Robertson's music varies from contemporary classic to rock-and-roll industrial. In 2010, he added something new for Big Finish: a real choir, the Poringland Singers, debuted for Big Finish on Relative Dimensions.

Through his scores, Robertson has made original contributions to each era of the Doctor, including his leitmotif for the Eighth Doctor, "There's a Man I Know". It crops up in Blue Forgotten Planet when Charley Pollard mentions that incarnation to the Sixth Doctor. It also appears in The Silver Turk.

Robertson has also scored a track known as "Across the Stars". This track debuted on The Chaos Pool. It has since become a standard theme for any sequence in which a character describes the wonders of space. In 2011, The Feast of Axos featured a new, choral version.

Robertson scored the theme tunes for the Eighth Doctor extras in Series 3 and afterwards, Eighth Doctor theme for Mary Shelley adventures and for The Light at the End, Jago & Litefoot, Graceless and other Big Finish series, including Highlander and Sherlock Holmes.



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