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It should be relocated at Mary Stuart because although Girl Power! falls short of explicitly identifying James' mother as Mary, Queen of Scots, it becomes clear in conjunction with other sources. In GP!, one of the ways that the membership of MADAM could have prevented the rule of James is if his mother killed Darnley before he was conceived. We know from other sources that Mary was a Stuart, in addition to the similarities present in The Witchfinders. If this isn't enough to merge the pages then the wiki is implicity suggesting that the likes of Calamity Jane or Agatha Christie are James' mother which is quite frankly, outlandish speculation.
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When King James I was a babyhis father was killed, as James later claimed, by James' mother. She was then imprisoned and beheaded. James was therefore raised by regents. He later revealed to the Thirteenth Doctor that his mother left him when he was under one year old and was made into a scapegoat.

James had the opportunity to see his mother before she died, but never visited, as he did not forgive her for abandoning him. He later redirected his anger toward his mother into witch hunts. (TV: The Witchfinders)

Uncovering Missy's plan to befriend several Tudor women in an effort to prevent James' reign, the Twelfth Doctor suggested, amongst other methods, that she intended for James' mother to get rid of Darnley before they "did the dirty". (PROSE: Girl Power!)

Behind the scenes Edit

Although the link between the two has not yet been made within the DWU, in the real world, the mother of James I was Mary, Queen of Scots. Though Girl Power! counts Mary as one of the Tudor women befriended by Missy, it falls just short of explicitly identifying her as James' mother.

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