James Edward Allen (or Jimbo to his friends) was a USAF test pilot, an astronaut and a geologist.

During his expedition to the Moon, the Genesis of Cthalctose was discovered in the Sea of Tranquility. Allen helped establish the first lunar colony, with Tranquillity Base created to investigate the artefact.

He met his first wife then and married her in the Sea of Tranquility. He later became rich by salvaging lunar scrap from 20th century missions, auctioning it off to NASA enthusiasts. He had three children, two girls and a boy. His wife had died by the early 21st century.

Allen led an expedition in 2003 ostensibly to find Noah's Ark. Unlike Bill Raelsen's expedition, Allen went to the traditional resting place of Mount Ararat. However, Allen was really trying to learn more about the area's connection to the artefact on the Moon. When Captain Tammuz captured the expedition, believing they were looking for uranium, Allen tried to escape with the notes they had gathered, but was shot and killed by Tammuz. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps)

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