James Banks was a property developer and one of the original clients of Joyriders.

During one of the sessions, he spent an entire afternoon inserting knitting needles into an annoying pensioner.

In October 2016, in exchange for free sessions in the future, he agreed to join Steve Hopley and Barry Taylor on a mission to bring Charlie and Miss Quill to Garry Fletcher. He jumped into Tanya Adeola's body. The mission was a failure as Miss Quill knocked him out cold after putting a knife in Tanya's hands.

When he regained consciousness in Tanya's body, the three "joyriders" followed Miss Quill and Charlie to Swallow Avenue. There Banks took out a knife and threatened to kill Matteusz, whose body was currently occupied by Steve Hopley, if they would not come with them. This threat turned out to be successful.

After the successful mission, Steve transferred him back to his own body and immediately to an 18-year-old from Brixton. Soon after, Coal Hill defenders transferred him back to his own body, threw him out of a car and took control of his body, making him run into a pound shop and punch the goods there and then to karate kick an approaching minivan. He ended up in a hospital and was questioned by police. (PROSE: Joyride)

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