Professor Jain Relph worked for the Mega University Galactica.

She was sent on a botanical mission to catalogue plant life on the planet Eed'n. Upon landing in Eed'n, she set up a small green tent to act as her base and activated a robot to collect flowers. The Twelfth Doctor encountered this robot and followed it back to Relph. Shortly after meeting each other, Relph and the Doctor were infected with pollen from the plants and possessed by the entity that controlled all of Eedin's plants.

The entity brought the Doctor and Relph to the Doctor's TARDIS, where it could escape the planet and seed itself into countless others. The Doctor then brought Relph into the room where he used to develop photographs. There the plants covering Relph died due to lack of sunlight and she recovered from her possession.

The Doctor then left Relph on a nearby human colony planet. (COMIC: Petals)

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