Jago & Litefoot: Series Eight was a full cast audio anthology released on October 2014 by Big Finish Productions. It starred Christopher Benjamin as Jago and Trevor Baxter as Litefoot.

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8.1 Encore of the Scorchies by James Goss

A special musical episode with stunning music and lyrics by Howard Carter!

There's a new act at the New Regency Theatre, and Jago and Litefoot are about to face their grand finale.

8.2 The Backwards Men by Andy Lane

There's unrest on the streets of London, and strange creatures who walk backwards. What is the link to Wednesday's World of Weird Wonders?

8.3 Jago & Litefoot & Patsy by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris

When a monster is discovered on the bank of the Thames, Jago and Litefoot team up with the mudlark Patsy to investigate.

8.4 Higson & Quick by Justin Richards

Jago and Litefoot can no longer be trusted. Can barmaid Ellie Higson and Inspector Quick save the day?

Stories Edit

# Title Author Featuring Published
8.1 Encore of the Scorchies James Goss Ellie, Scorchies 16 October 2014
8.2 The Backwards Men Andy Lane Ellie, Quick
8.3 Jago & Litefoot & Patsy Simon Barnard, Paul Morris Ellie, Quick, Patsy, Darkling Façade
8.4 Higson & Quick Justin Richards

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