Doctor Jade McIntyre was a research scientist at Sheffield Hallam University. She specialised in zoology with a particular focus on arachnids and arthropods.

Part of her research involved the development of a serum to enhance the longevity and size of arachnids so their silk could be used for beneficial purposes. Unfortunately, all the subjects seemingly perished during the experiments and the project was shut down.

In 2018, she began investigating appearances of several large spiders in Sheffield. While trying to contact her colleague Anna, at her flat in Park Hill, Jade met the Thirteenth Doctor and Ryan. Together they gained access to the flat and were startled to find one of the large spiders under Anna's bed. After making a quick escape, Graham arrived, telling them about his own encounter with a spider.

After admitting to the Doctor about her investigations Jade took everyone back to her laboratory at the university and showed the Doctor her findings.

She later helped in the Doctor's investigation into the spiders' strange behaviour.

Jade was visibly disturbed and disgusted when she realised the company that removed the spider carcasses from her laboratory disposed of them in a landfill site without bothering to dispose of them properly, and she was just as disgusted with Robertson's behaviour. Discovering the landfill she also realized one of the test subjects was not as "dead" has they believed and had further mutated after exposure to the waste. She was also visibly upset when she realised the larger spider which had survived in the toxic waste of the landfill was dying. (TV: Arachnids in the UK)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • In a deleted scene, Jade loses her glasses while being chased by the giant spiders and her vision is impaired as a result.
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