Jacqui McGee was a journalist for Orbit TV News.

She wanted an interview with Simon Devlin but couldn't get one. She impersonated an old acquaintance of Kate Stewart and knew who she was. McGee asked how quickly the technology would be distributed. She wanted to know what UNIT was. She observed an operation and Kate had her memory wiped. (AUDIO: Vanguard)

She told Kate about deaths occurring when people trued to dismantle the 3D printers. (AUDIO: Earthfall)

She then tried to expose Devlin Futuretech and when that failed, she tried to go undercover. Devlin tried to kill her but Josh Carter saved her. (AUDIO: Bridgehead)

She was brought to the Tower of London UNIT base for her protection and stayed with Osgood. (AUDIO: Armageddon)

McGee wanted to uncover the truths in her age. She posed as the eyewitness as a conspiracy theorist. She threatened to expose Shindi's operations. Eventually she asked Kate to meet her on the London Eye. She asked for UNIT help as she had discovered people disappearing in Helena Faversham's house, illegal works and the homeless. (AUDIO: House of Silents)

She got annoyed when Kate told her they didn't follow her tip off, but she pursued her investigations and got a list of the people who went into Faversham's house and didn't disappear, from her friend David. (AUDIO: Square One)

After the re-election of the Prime minister, she tried to get Shindi to listen to her about the Silents outside the British Rocket Group site. He took her back to London to get rid of her. She used the same technique that Osgood used to get into the Rocket Group to get the truth. Kate noticed that McGee was there and used her to UNIT's advantage in editing the Silents into the footage of the exploding space station. Kate wanted to employ her in UNIT. (AUDIO: In Memory Alone)

She created the false identities for Kate, Shindi, Carter and Osgood when they went on a mission to buy a Dalek. (AUDIO: The Dalek Transaction)

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