Jacqueline King played Sylvia Noble in Doctor Who beginning with the 2006 Christmas special The Runaway Bride. During series 4, she made several appearances as Sylvia and returned to the role in 2009 for the final David Tennant story, The End of Time.

She has performed several roles in audio for Big Finish Productions. She also reprised the role of Sylvia Noble in audio, for Big Finish's The Tenth Doctor Chronicles, Lady Christina and The Tenth Doctor Adventures.

In March 2013, she once again partnered up with Bernard Cribbins in a Doctor Who edition of the game show Pointless Celebrities. Not only did they win a "Pointless" trophy each, but they also won the jackpot of £2,500. While Cribbins gave his half of the jackpot to Sparks, King gave her share to the Northumbrian Lifeboats which her father had once supported. She also stated that she was once saved by the Lifeboats even if it was not in Northumbria.

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As Sylvia Noble

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As God

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