Jackson Moseley Smith was the father of Mickey Smith.

At one point, he had worked as a key-cutter at Clifton's Parade (TV: Rise of the Cybermen).

At some point Jackson met and married Odessa Smith and around 1983, had a son, Mickey, to her. (PROSE: Rose)

As his relationship with Odessa deteriorated, around 1989, when Mickey was five, feeling that she couldn't cope with life anymore, Odessa committed suicide. By this time, Jackson was working as an engineer and a part time singer. He was horrified to find himself a single dad and worked longer and longer hours and further further away from home until he found a job on the cruise ships moored alongside Tower Bridge. He was employed as the Second Engineer, but has aspirations to move up and sing on the ships. A two month contract was followed by a six month contract and then another, and Mickey never saw his father again. According to Rose Tyler, Jackson "just wandered off" (PROSE: Rose)

Jackson abandoned his son, eventually married a woman named Josette and went to go and live in Spain. (AUDIO: The Last Party on Earth)

Due to this, Mickey went to live with his grandmother, Rita-Anne. (TV: Rise of the Cybermen)

Parallel counterparts Edit

The father of Ricky Smith, Mickey's Pete's World counterpart, had done the same. (TV: Rise of the Cybermen)

In another parallel world, Jackson and Odessa never had any kids, and Jackson died instead of running away. (AUDIO: The Last Party on Earth)

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