Jacqueline Andrea Suzette "Jackie" Tyler (née Prentice), born 1 February 1967 but claiming a birthdate of 1 February 1968, was a resident of early 21st century London in the parallel universe where Pete Tyler was still alive. Unlike the Jackie Tyler from the regular world, this Jackie was an unpleasant woman who looked down on people who she considered to be lower on the social ladder than herself. Nevertheless, like her regular world counterpart, she maintained a fondness for tea and the peculiar little ritual of always having one last cup of tea before bed.

In this universe, Jackie and Pete were still married. They didn't have any children, but they had a dog named Rose. By 2007, Pete had quietly moved out, but he was still involved in planning Jackie's birthday party.

As a birthday present, John Lumic had sent her a new pair of diamond-studded EarPods in a "special delivery". Jackie was told that they were the latest model of EarPods with more advanced features. However, unknown to her, these EarPods allowed Lumic to read her mind. Jackie was placed in a trance while putting on make-up, as her EarPods were activated to access security arrangements that she knew, in preparation for Lumic sending the Cybermen to attack her party.

During the attack of the Cybermen, Jackie went into hiding as the other party guests were killed. (TV: Rise of the Cybermen)

Jackie's EarPods were taken over by the transmitter on Lumic's zeppelin and compelled her to walk to the Cybus factory, where she was one of the first to be upgraded to a Cyberman. She later recognised Pete when he and Rose infiltrated the factory and revealed her identity. The shock of this revelation gave away their non-functioning EarPods. Pete tried to find Jackie again, but neither Rose nor he could recognise her among the hundreds of other identical Cybermen.

Jackie was killed when the emotional inhibitors were shut off, causing the Cybermen to die, but Pete avenged her death: when he used the sonic screwdriver to sever the rope ladder suspending Lumic/Cyber Controller above the burning wreckage of the Cybus Industries factory, he shouted "Jackie Tyler! This is for her!" shortly before the upgraded Lumic fell and was destroyed in the explosion. (TV: The Age of Steel)

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