Jacqueline Reeve (née Prentice) was a parallel universe counterpart of N-Space's Jackie Tyler, mother of Rose Tyler and wife of Pete Tyler.

Jackie met Pete Tyler at a party hosted by Stuart Hoskins. Due to his age, she asked if he was "someone's dad" and vomited on his shoes, but they ended up becoming a couple for a year. Pete took Jackie to see A View to a Kill for their first date, though she complained as she had wanted to see The Breakfast Club. They once attended a Shakin' Stevens concert and missed the last bus, walking home together in the snow. Jackie broke up with Pete after she thought he was flirting with another woman.

Jackie was twice married and twice divorced. Her first husband left her for a gym instructor, and she found that her second husband was wanted by Interpol. She had no children, claiming that she didn't want to "ruin her figure" to bring "another unhappy soul" into the world. Instead, she owned a cat named Rose, who was run over and killed.

Her N-Space counterpart's daughter, Rose Tyler, travelled to Jackie's universe via a dimension cannon. Trying to establish divergences in the universe's timeline, Rose tried to find out information about Jackie's life. Rose visited Jackie along with Clive Finch, introducing herself as "Rose Smith," and claiming to be from "Legacy Hounds" and that they were able to tell Jackie about a possible inheritance from distant relatives. During Rose and Clive's visit, Jackie was confronted by Pete. He had noticed Rose's resemblance to Jackie and himself and believed her to be their biological daughter that Jackie had kept hidden from him. Jackie denied this, but both Pete and Jackie confronted Rose when Pete learned she was at Jackie's house.

Rose now claimed to be organising a reunion for the guests at Stuart Hoskins and Sarah Clark's wedding, though Jackie did not believe her story or her common surname, "Smith." They were interrupted by Clive, who brought their attention to reports across the world that the Sun had gone dark. Rose, Clive, and Pete left Jackie's house, but they soon returned - Rose and Clive after the latter injured his leg, and Pete after he was unable to return home or find a room at a hotel.

The following morning, Jackie listened to reports of chaos around the world. After listening to Prime Minister Margo Kinnear's announcement that the Sun had completely burned away, Rose revealed her identity to Pete and Jackie as the daughter of their N-Space counterparts. Rose tried to bring Jackie back to "Pete's World" with Pete and Clive, but was cautioned from doing so. Pete took Rose's dimension cannon from her as a bargaining chip in his and Jackie's effort to flee their universe. However, Jackie returned the cannon to Rose after sympathising for her N-Space counterpart's worry as to her daughter's whereabouts. She told Rose to give her mother a big kiss when she returned to Pete's World.

After Rose and Clive returned to Pete's World, Jackie and Pete spent their remaining time together, finally rekindling their love after twenty years. (AUDIO: The Endless Night)

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