Jackie MacLean was the mother of April MacLean.

When April was 8 years old, Jackie's husband purposefully drove off the motorway with both Jackie and April in the car. Jackie was paralysed as a result, while her daughter was not hurt. Her husband survived, and went to prison for causing the crash. (TV: Nightvisiting)

After the crash, April took care of her. She got around in a wheelchair. In 2016, April said that she adjusted. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

Jackie collected knitting patterns despite not knitting. (AUDIO: Gifted)

After April began to share her heart with the Shadow King Corakinus, she started to have aggressive outbursts from the strain. After she attacked and nearly killed her father Huw with Shadow Kin scimitars, April proceeded to heal Jackie's legs just as Corakinus was killing one of his servants in his palace. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) She had gained some connection with April and the Shadow Kin and used this with Tanya Adeola's pushing to think of April, allowing April to create a tear back to Earth. After April returned to Earth and lost some of her powers, Jackie retained being cured of paralysis and started to walk. (TV: Brave-ish Heart)

She watched April's performance of "The Lost" before Ram came in distress. She was then captured by Corakinus in order to persuade April to come back with him to the Underneath. After Charlie used the Cabinet of Souls on the Shadow Kin, she again lost the use of her legs. (TV: The Lost)

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