Jackie Hargreaves, along with her husband, Joe Hargreaves, was involved in a car crash on the A48 while returning to her home in Cowbridge. She and her husband became the first victims of "The All-Night Zombie Horror Show".

When she was seven, Jackie went on the Waltzer at a fairground. She spent the ride clinging onto the safety bar, wishing it would stop.

In 2009, after visiting their friends - Mike and Sue Roach - in Llandaff, the pair got lost after hitting a fog bank on their way home. Blinded by the fog, Joe collided with a figure and span out of control.

Jackie awoke against the air bag, her mouth filled with blood. She pleaded with Joe as he left the car to find help; a moment later she heard his screams from somewhere in the fog. Slow, dragging footsteps approached the car, and a bony hand reached in through the window.

Jackie was quick to try and find a plausible explanation, scoffing when Joe suggested that they could have been abducted by aliens. She hated roller coasters and not being in control. She wore a blue silk dress and heels, and had mahogany-coloured hair which was clipped in place. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

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