Jack Stimson was a reporter working for the San Francisco Oracle when the Second Doctor, Jessica, Ben and Polly met him in the Haight in January 1967. His help was critical in solving the mystery of the Blue Moonbeams LSD strain that was attacking the youth of San Francisco at around the time of the Human Be-In. (PROSE: Wonderland)

World view Edit

His journalistic perspective always maintained scepticism of authority figures and the wealthy. In his later life he published books like The Secret Government, which postulated that the American people had been lied to about their government, and that someone else actually ran it.

He was a fierce advocate of the goals of the Human Be-In, and he believed that it would "ignite a fire of love that'll spread out across America... across the whole world". He was opposed to the Vietnam War, and to the "greedheads" of corporate America.

Physical description Edit

In 1967, Stimson was, according to Jesica Willamy's observations, tap but "painfully thin". He constantly smoked cigarettes, but "affected elegance" through the use of a long cigarette holder. He tended to wear double-breasted suit jackets over aloha shirts.

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