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You may be looking for Spring-heeled Jack.

Jack McSpringheel was a Kadeptian lawyer.


Jack grew up in a large extended family. After his mother died, he was brought up by his Aunt Jacquelette. Like most of his family, Jack was an employee of his father Jacques in the family accident law firm - "Jack, Jackson, and Jacques's Sons." He was sent to the planet Raster in order to collect money from a client. On his way there, he met Bernice Summerfield - though she forgot this when the Epoch remapped the planet. (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman, PROSE: Adorable Illusion)

When Benny first appeared in Atlantis, he knew about her full identity, when the other inhabitants didn't. (AUDIO: The Kraken's Lament) He appeared to Benny whilst she was hungover and told her it was a nice day to go and dig some trenches. (AUDIO: The Temple of Questions) When a 27th century building appeared in Atlantis, he called her on a phone there and told her that he knew of the Epoch and that he remembered Zordin. He got annoyed that Benny could never remember him.(AUDIO: Private Enemy No. 1) In a Victorian London created by the Epoch, he visited Benny and Ruth and enjoyed being a bit exceptional. His species had a little bit of venom in each kiss that anaesthetised the person he kissed, though this meant he couldn't eat doughnuts. He could jump 365 feet in the air. He was on a ship passing Zordin when the Epoch started to rewrite the world, and got caught in the field of reconstruction. (AUDIO: Judgement Day)

When Benny arrived on Legion and went to the White Rabbit, she found him working behind the bar. (AUDIO: Paradise Frost) He later knew exactly how Ruth took her coffee, and also reminded Benny of drunken stories she said about Peter Summerfield. He knew of Peter's temper and stopped him from destroying the bar. He later helped Peter to blow up the Vesuvius. (AUDIO: Vesuvius Falling) He accompanied Benny and Ruth to Triptic House. He suggested a séance when they found a living painting there. He later took longer to come out of the trance, but Dorian Gray helped him out of it. (AUDIO: Shades of Gray) He questioned Peter about Antonio Tulloch, and to talk about the slave pit on Bastion. He also helped Irving to buy some artefacts for a collection, to be hold at their new house. (AUDIO: Everybody Loves Irving)

In a simulation from Benny's mind, they were in a poker tournament and he told her in a drugged state about how he lost his best friend. His friend, Lara, went for a poker contest, he was deliberately trying to lose so that he could win some money, but she died. This was to get Benny to cry so that the cheater could be found. This simulation helped Benny when enemies from her memory tried to attack her. (AUDIO: Many Happy Returns)

He prepared for Advent by decorating the White Rabbit with traditional decorations such as a lobster ball and a yellow kettle. He was sent with Benny and Ruth on The Irverfield to the deliver a message to a scientist. On the way back he disembarked with them to Nemeqit to discover the meaning behind an SOS call. He was told to guard the ship, but he got bored and left it however, her got lost. He explored dome that Bel and Lud inhabited and couldn't find a generator or a toilet, suggesting that Nemeqit was supplying the power. (AUDIO: A Handful of Dust)

He went with Peter to Mortis Dock, on the day before advent, to find out why ships were disappearing. As soon as he got there, he wanted to leave. He told Peter that he was the only person that could see Antonio. He found it hilarious that Benny's middle name was Surprise. He explored the HMS Surprise where they discovered that there was zombies on the ship. He was later possessed by the ship. He was disorientated when he stopped being possessed. (AUDIO: HMS Surprise)

He lugged many boxes from the White Rabbit cellar in order to take to Benny's crater. He became agitated when he saw Antonio Tulloch. When Avril Fenman turned up, he was creeped out. He realised that he had met Avril on the shuttle to Zordin, and she had give him a job to spy on Benny. When Avril told him that she was going to take his youth when she was going to take his body, he wished he went back to Kadept. After Fenman was killed, he helped Ruth to understand that no matter what her old self did she can do what she truly wanted to do. (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman)

He assisted Bernice Summerfield when she was on Big Dig. Shepton Rothwell asked to bring him coffee, which he didn't know how to make without a machine. He found it hilarious that Ruth became a tea lady. He was disgusted by Shepton's suggestion to Ruth that Benny and himself were in a relationship. He became paranoid and thought that Benny want to kill him. He left Benny when the Epoch arrived, she couldn't remember him. (AUDIO: Big Dig)

He was taken by the Epoch as they thought he was what was causing the temporal instabilities around Benny, and took him to their domain. He was then brainwashed to think he was an actor, called David Ames, playing himself and a character called Troy. Benny managed to undo the brainwashing to defeat them. He then used the Epoch's technology to find home. (AUDIO: In Living Memory)

Jack later became engaged to Ruth. He accompanied Benny, Peter and Ruth to Sydney in 2015 to investigate a pyramid that landed in the harbour. (PROSEBig Bang Generation)


Witty and flamboyant, Jack remained a mysterious character in Benny's life. (AUDIO: The Kraken's Lament) His species' ability to charm without intention made the Twelfth Doctor smile. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation)