Detective Chief Inspector Jack Hayes was a member of the London metropolitan police.

In 1972, he arrested Broteas of the Kolothos Hunt on a murder charge when two of his officers were killed, and had him taken to Scotland Yard for questioning. When the Doctor was able to contact Broteas' wife Skadi and had her agree to bring Jess and Maxwell Collins back to Earth, the Doctor brought Hayes and his men along to Epping Forest. Skadi betrayed the Doctor, and refused to leave Earth per his wishes, but Hayes set off a stink bomb to allow the Doctor and Jess to escape. When Maxwell tricked Skadi into disarming herself with the help of Skadi's son Tarquel, Hayes arrested her. The Doctor convinced Hayes that Skadi and Broteas facing their own people's justice on Kolothos would be worse off than being tried on Earth, and he let them leave Earth with Tarquel. (COMIC: Bloodsport)

In 1973, DCI Hayes invited the Doctor to Scotland Yard where they had brought in a man who had been turned into glass. Hayes took the Doctor and another officer, Perkins, to a warehouse in Barking where the man had been found. There, a giant mosquito attacked and turned Perkins into glass. While Hayes distracted the mosquito the Doctor electrocuted it with a generator. Afterwards, more mosquitoes attacked the warehouse. The Doctor drew the mosquitoes towards Hayes' car where they trapped their stingers in the car roof. The Doctor rigged the car to explode, killing the mosquitoes. Returning to Brixton, the Doctor realised that the events in Barking were a distraction for someone to steal the TARDIS. The Doctor and Hayes also discovered the murdered shrunken body of the Doctor's chess partner Gabriel Gayle in the Collins family garden. The Doctor and Hayes were escorted to meet the Master, who murdered Hayes when he tried to arrest him. (COMIC: Doorway to Hell)

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