Jack Harkness owned a Mark IV Webley Revolver. It was .38 calibre and had a five inch barrel. (PROSE: Another Life)

Jack drew his old Webley when facing Weevils. (PROSE: Slow Decay) He later used it to shoot Suzie Costello. (TV: They Keep Killing Suzie) On one occasion, Jack himself was killed by his own Webley revolver, with Owen Harper shooting him in the head with it. (TV: End of Days)

Jack also took his Webley with him when pursuing the Doctor, all the way to the year 100 trillion where he aimed it at a group of the Futurekind only for the Doctor to shout him down, causing Jack to fire the gun into the air instead. (TV: Utopia)

Jack shot a Blowfish in the head using the Webley. (TV: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) He later threatened Rhys Williams with the gun but holstered it when he realised Gwen's memory of Rhys had been erased. (TV: Adam) Jack also used it to shoot Aaron Copley after they shot Owen Harper. (TV: Reset) He also used it to shoot a Nostrovite at Gwen Cooper's wedding (TV: Something Borrowed)

Jack later shot a Supreme Dalek with the gun although it failed to damage the casing, the bullets merely bouncing off. (TV: Journey's End)

Jack drew his Webley when facing zombies in Trowbridge. He shot a series of zombies through the head in order to save Sarah Thomas who was trapped in her Passat. He later used it again when he and Ianto were stranded on the roof of the Torchwood SUV surrounded by a horde of zombies in the car park of St Helen's Hospital. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

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